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Gift Giving By the Numbers

By Alison Baughmangift-giving-by-the-numbers

We all have been there, doing our last minute Christmas shopping. Finding a parking space and fighting back the crowds is nerve wracking enough but struggling to find a perfect gift for our loved ones can be exhausting.

I thought it might be perfect timing to point out that using Numerology is a wonderful way to select a gift because we tend to gravitate towards things that are a reflection of our energy.  In fact, our energy is the very reason we want the things we do. Thankfully, Numerology is “Santa’s Little Helper” when it comes to shopping advice because it helps identify our energy and give us insight to what would make us happy. Without further ado, here are some shopping tips, courtesy of the numbers.

Simply look up the day a person was born. It is that easy!

Born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th   Uniqueness counts to a person with 1 energy so look for something unusual. 1s tend to be quite athletic so think along the lines of his or her favorite sports equipment. You might also consider purchasing tickets to their favorite sporting event or even a gym membership. Ones are quite ambitious and are destined to be their own boss so perhaps a subscription to an Entrepreneur Magazine would be a useful Christmas gift. For her, shop for a unique “one of a kind” piece of jewelry. It would definitely make her eyes light up and make her spirits bright.

Born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th Your 2 person is such a romantic so a perfect gift might be a framed picture of yourself with a little love note. You could also buy a bottle of wine and some crystal glasses and add in a candle and a promise of an intimate dinner together. 2s tend to be collectors so perhaps, if you do not know, find out what item they collect and buy a new addition for their collection. A CD of their favorite music is an excellent idea and you might even want to pick out some soft vibrational music to soothe their souls. A heart shaped necklace, any jewelry that is sentimental or a token of your love would be very much appreciated by her. A gift of a poetry book or a DVD of a romantic movie might be just the ticket too. 2s can be a bit nit-picky about their clothing so it might be best to leave those choices up to them.

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