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Getting Answers from Your Angels During Dreamtime

Getting Answers from Your Angels During Dreamtime

By Carmen Vasquez

answers-from-your-angels_OMTimes_dreamtimeOur dreamtime it’s one of the most productive times we have to get spiritual answers and guidance and also to have a spiritual growth.

We often have different types of dreams, some of them are just caused by the effect of our daily life and mean not too much, but we also have the ability to create a deep connection with our Angels and Spirit Guides during this time and have psychic dreams that announce our future or can even give us guidance about our daily life, family, career, friends, etc.

You can receive any answer or guidance during your dream time inviting your Angels to come and being with you before you go to sleep.

Most of us are really busy during our daytime creating a blockage to clearly hear and follow our Angels signs or guidance, so this is a very special way to be open and receive clear answers and guidance because while we are sleeping, we are out of our regular thinking mode and patterns, so it’s more easier for them to transfer any Divine idea.

To be prepared and open to allow your Angels to deliver anything they need during your dream time, you just need to do one simple thing before going to sleep:

Take a moment to meditate and connect with your Angels, then firmly ask something like “Dear God and Angels, come to my dreams while I am sleeping and give me clear guidance and answers to _________________ (Fill out the blank with your specific need)… Then, please Angels, I ask you to help me to remember my dreams and allow me to understand their meaning very easily once I wake up” Thank you God and Angels.

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