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Full Moon in Taurus

By Chanelfull-Moon

Still feeling the affects of the Full Moon in Taurus? The full moon tends to have a funny affect on us, particularly water signs. It’s almost as if it amplifies whatever emotion that we are going through. So if you were feeling good in the run up to a full moon then you end up feeling amazing but if you have been feeling a little low then you can expect to fall even lower. With this in mind it seems no surprise that, statistically more babies are said to be conceived around the time of a full moon, as well as the Police tending to step up the manpower on the streets due to more tempers flaring at this time. So, what’s so special about this full moon?

A full moon in Taurus oozes sensuality, giving way to lust and personal pleasure. In that way anything that we enjoy we are tempted to want to indulge in. This could take the form of alcohol, sex, food or shopping. It’s whatever makes you feel good, so watch out for this. If you are feeling low then you maybe tempted to splurge on a new handbag or have too many glasses of red wine. Therefore, it might be an idea to check in with your feelings, your mood before overindulging during this Taurus full moon.

On the upside Taurus is one of the Earth signs, with those who are born under this sign tending to be very grounded. This makes it a good time to connect with that Earthy energy. You may want to spend some today grounding yourself, refocusing your body and mind in staying present in the moment rather than escaping reality through over indulgence. Using crystals such as Smokey Quartz or Hematite are good crystals to work with when grounding yourself.

Taurus is also the sign of stubbornness. Once those bulls get an idea in their head they tend to charge ahead with it. This kind of energy could go two ways. It could be that you have become stubborn and fixed in a way of doing things or attached to a person/situation which no longer serves a purpose in your life. You will know if this is you because you may be feeling blocked in a particular area of your life or see that you are repeating the same patterns time and time again. The full moon will highlight this and if this is you now would be a good idea to accept this, then take the necessary steps to change this behaviour, thinking or patterns. There are many ways to do this and those of you who watch TOWIE will have seen Kirk visit an energy healer to help him to release blocked energy. This, as well as Angelic Reiki Healing can help tremendously.

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