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The Astrologer Daily: February 16th, 2014

Full Moon in Leo – Lion’s Delight

Full Moon in Leo

by Salvador Russo

full-moon-in-leo_OMTimesFriday night’s Full Moon in Leo will bring unexpected closures and climaxes to the affairs which are most dear to our hearts.  The fulfillment of desires that bring joy to the heart will play a prominent theme for the evening.  Powerful lessons in beauty, loyalty, and love will abound as our minds are touched to realize unlearned lessons that have held us back from spiritual growth.  Passion, creativity, and joy will roar beneath the light of the Lion’s Moon!

With the Aquarius Sun illuminating the Full Moon in Leo we can all expect astonishment in some form or fashion.  Communications, networking, and spiritual inspiration will elevate our minds into new realms of creative thought and understanding.  The future will glow with new promise as radical opportunities present through remarkable individuals and circumstances.  The night will ignite with surprise and delight!  It is most important to embrace the exciting and sensational things that will soon come because they are designed to propel us favorably through time and space.

Metaphysical treasures in physical and non-physical form will be received or showcased on Friday night.  Multi-dimensional knowledge and higher perspectives will be lighting new paths for those who resonate with the cosmic nature of human existence.  Geniuses and cosmic intelligences will be leading, enlightening, activating, and initiating us into higher states of consciousness and unforeseen pathways into our future.  The higher laws of life that invisibly order our earthly lives will be sensed and understood in subtle and dramatic ways.  Heed the synchronicities of Friday night and follow them into a higher way of living.

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