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The Astrologer Daily: September 29th, 2012

Full Moon in Aries: Is it Getting Hot…

Anyone notice it’s getting hot around here?

full-moon-aries-3Another Full Moon is upon us and this one promises to be a doozy.

The axis of this FULL MOON is Sun in Libra-Moon in Aries.

Relationship stuff is UP and that’s nothing but fun, right?

Well, it can be but often relationship stuff is skewed and challenged by your relationship with yourself. It all begins there, does it not?

Here’s something to ponder: How do I best LOVE and accept myself, acknowledging and respecting my needs, while also respecting and honoring my relationship with others?

Relationship issues are really the CORE issue of being incarnate on Planet Earth.

The change begins with you, in your own heart. It begins with cultivating LOVE for yourself.

This Full Moon is SUPERCHARGED by the Uranus-Pluto square. Uranus will sit right on the Moon. Don’t be at all surprised by erratic emotional outbursts. Whatever is needing to be expressed (if it has not been already) will come busting out like nobody’s business. Watch out for flying debris and watch for where you direct your own emotions. Uranus will be squaring the Sun, activating the essence of you that craves freedom of expression. Which is all to say : let it out and then let it go. It’s all about expression but not to hold on to. Let it out and let it be!

You know how dogs like to eat their own vomit? We humans don’t do that! So don’t do that! No eating of your own vomit!

Pluto will square both the Moon and the Sun. Nothing but fun there, Star Gazers! Use the powerful potential for personal transformation in your relationship with yourself and others to create new forms of relating, opening up potential for total transformation of how you relate, liberating you and others from limiting forms and patterns of relating. What a relief THAT will be!

I had a profound crystal healing with John this week, as part of my own healing and growth journey, my journey of release and transformation. During the session, John cleared all my chakras (which, in and of itself is fabulous – you clean your teeth daily, don’t you? -Imagine how gunked up those chakras get dealing with the daily everythings!) and then he placed positive thought forms into each chakra. Powerful! Taking time to work on your healing will bring countless benefits to you as we move through these powerful times of transition.

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