Daily Angel Oracle Reading for April 30, 2014
Domino Angels Reading May 2014

Forecast for Wednesday and Thursday- with Jean Wiley

Forecast for Wednesday and Thursday- with Jean Wiley

Wednesday, April 30th: We awaken to a positive, inspiring, spiritual thought filled influence with Mercury sextile Jupiter. We have the “opportunity” to share, learn, feel hope and inspiration, make agreements, sign contracts and enjoy ease in our travels (both literal and metaphorically). Positive thoughts attract positive circumstances. The Moon in Taurus goes VOID (does not connect with the major planets before ingressing signs – a “let it be” emotional energy) just prior to Noon until just prior to 5 p.m. EDT when Luna enters inquisitive, curious and duplicitous Gemini. Get your important activity involving decision making in the morning or during the cocktail hour.

On THURSDAY (just after midnight) our minds are again helpfully stimulated by Chiron as Mercury sextiles Chiron. A fortuitous day to reach out to any situations or topics that require sensitivity and compassion. We can communicate and feel from others the emotions behind the words. Teaching, healing, energy work and supporting others feels rewarding today. Intellectual seed planting time ~

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