Intuitive Tarot Reading 23 July 2014
Horoscope for Thursday, July 24, 2014

Forecast for Wed and Thursday-Jean Wiley

Forecast for Wed and Thursday-Jean Wiley

Wednesday, July 23rd: The Moon in communicative Gemini goes VOID just a little before 9 p.m. with an energizing trine to Mars. Your emotions are powerful, effective and applied in an effective manner. The Moon then enters her home sign of Cancer at 11 p.m. EDT softening your emotional sense while seeking comforting and familiar influences.

On THURSDAY a very special energetic occurs encouraging leaps of faith, benevolence, positivity and opportunities for personal expansion as the Sun makes his annual conjunction to Jupiter. A creative and compassionate tone infiltrates your relationships and artistry as Venus trines Neptune. Your mind may struggle to keep up with events, discussions and information as Mercury squares Uranus (technology glitches often occur) but later shifts into a more pragmatic and grounded approach as Mercury trines Saturn. Embrace the day and be aware of avenues of personal growth via education, travel, publishing, children, legalities, foreigners and knowledge gathering.

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