Silence, the Bodymind and Zen
Solar Eclipse in Gemini

Forecast for week of May 21-27, 2012

By Kathy Biehl

Off we go into the wild blue yonder! An incredible voyage is underway that is knocking debris and deadweight out of our minds and lives while Sunday’s solar eclipse shoots us to points unknown. This week, information abounds non-stop about all of it, the voyage, the debris, the destination and who’s on board.

The planet at center stage is Mercury, the cosmic messenger and ruler of our thoughts, minds, talk, information streams and means of getting around. Besides being in charge of the solar eclipse that will be playing out into the fall, he is active (and how!) almost every single day this week.

The chatter level will be off the charts as he teams with more-more-more-loving Jupiter Monday and Tuesday, a pairing that will up the volume (in number and noise) of messages, data and information flying through the air and our minds. It’s not just happy talk, either; lots of what you hear, say and think about has tangible, concrete and possibly financial implications.

Visitations from past loves could hit a critical point, too. They’re a by-product of retrograde Venus, who’s triangulating with Mercury and Jupiter. (She rules Taurus, the sign where their conjunction takes place Tuesday, and she’s in Mercury’s sign of Gemini, which puts her in an energetic resonance called mutual reception with him.)

The data flow only gets stronger after Mercury enters Gemini on Thursday. That’s one of his comfort zones (the other’s Virgo), and we will all feel his ease. As he abandons earth-bound mental processes for flying high and every which way, minds and tongues and information will loosen.

The noise-to-signal ratio may grow overwhelming, but jump into the fray anyway. Go after what you’ve been wanting to know. Reach out to folks. Ask questions. Converse freely. And take notes; pertinent and valuable nuggets lurk in all the tidbits you’ll be coming across. Look out for hints of what’s really going on (people will be tipping their hands, often unwittingly) and pointers to where you, they and situations are heading.

This total immersion approach will drive home the true nature of your information flow and likely prompt you to decide to cut the current on some of it — such as by dropping TV shows and Facebook so-called friends, spending less time online, unsubscribing from newsletters and not engaging with people who stir up negativity in and around you. What’s the junk food in your mental and media diet? Huge servings will tell you whether you really enjoy it, or whether you’re simply used to it.

What does all this mean for you? That’s not a hypothetical; it’s the question that the weekend will answer. Increasing clarity and self-understanding is coming as Mercury teams up with the Sun from Friday through Sunday. (As with Jupiter at the start of the week, the meetings occur first by declination and then by zodiacal degree, a one-two punch known as a super-conjunction.) Use the whirlwind of conversations and messages as information about you and the current state of your life and mind. All can open up to your delight and benefit before next week begins.

I have developed so much material explaining and recommending strategies for this critical time that I have created a Summer of 2012 Resource page. Bookmark this and come back to it again and again!

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Monday: The week’s messages start before we’re up and at ‘em! During the overnight hours, our hearts and minds make a link that shows how much they’ve grown — and how much more effectively they’re communicating with each other. You wake up more clear on what you want at this point in life, and it could be you feel inspired to pass that realization on. It’s a huge day for information gathering and dispersal. (Motormouths are definitely in overdrive!) Make the choice at the outset to act responsibly with your words and what you do with what you hear. The theme from “Jaws” is in the background. If you’re jittery, check back with the responsibility issue. Put writing materials by your bed. If a situation is bothering you, ask to be shown the silver lining in your dreams.

Tuesday: Grandiose visions and boundless optimism dominate the dreamworld. Note what’s running through your mind as you start the day. Do you see hope and progress and goodness, particularly where you once couldn’t? Odds are you are looking at your life in the best possible light. Yes, that rumbling you hear is the theme from “Jaws” again. It’s still playing. It’s a warning sign that power games are afoot, or psychological demons. Forewarned is forearmed. The Moon is void of course from 6:51 PM EDT till 7:32 AM tomorrow. Don’t push or try in the evening (or even fish); just watch the show. (And look out for sharks.)

Wednesday: By this point the information tornado could have you disoriented to an extreme. You may not know who or what to believe. You may be wondering about yourself, too. It is probable that you are being shown glitches in your thinking, or disconnects between what you think or say you want and value and what you really, truly do. Ask for help. Ask for reality checks. Be kind to yourself, but rethink anything that’s giving you pause. Where are those writing materials? Still by the bed?

Thursday: Overnight your psyche tracks the “Jaws” theme to its source. Your subconscious wrestles with the beast, assimilates its power and turns off the darned music. Or so you think. You can still hear it in the distance as the yak-fest kicks into an even higher gear than it’s been (Mercury’s come home to Gemini). Some concepts are hard to capture in words, much less say out loud. Sit with the emotions and sensations. Words will come when they need to.

Friday: I don’t care what’s on your calendar or what your boss thinks you’re going to produce today. No task of any lasting consequence is being completed today, because the Moon is void of course from 10:34 AM to 6:12 PM EDT. The void doesn’t stop the information explosion that’s going on all week; it merely adds softer, possibly confusing overtones. Mercury is in a scuffle with Neptune, the cosmic fog machine. The impact bodes well for brainstorming, daydreaming, sharing a long lunch (and drinks), and heading out for a movie. It’s not advisable for interrogations, or researching or negotiating a business deal. The fog burns off quickly in the evening. Clarity grows with the dark, about yourself most of all.

Saturday: The flurry of messages and info and insights and tidbits are finally settling into a picture that’s making sense. Overnight your psyche assembles then in a way that befits and benefits you. The process delivers a shift in mindset, like an ancient mainframe computer spitting out a punchcard, that shoots you out of trapped thinking and into an exuberant attitude toward the day. You may face the choice of whether to engage in a power game, but the route you take isn’t likely to derail a satisfying, even productive day. All the better if you do something out of your ordinary.

Sunday: The dreamworld may be misty, but the dawn is crystal clear. This week has heightened your awareness and understanding of yourself. As you assimilate this, you hit some ups and downs over the course of the day. When the big twist comes — the one that upends your plans, the one that come out of the blue, go with it. it’s blowing the carbon out of your pipes, and it promises fun.

© Kathy Biehl 2012. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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