Spiritual Seeds – August 2012
The Astrologer Daily: August 6th, 2012

Forecast for week of August 6-12, 2012

We pause now for station identification — and we’re tuning in with our hearts.

Two gear shifts define the week. They will slow, sweeten and soften the wild wobbliness we’ve been experiencing lately. And they might loosen a few tears in the process as well. Don’t shrink back from the notion. Emotional release can be healthy and cathartic.

The first is Mercury stationing direct. (He’s in his station as the week begins and turns direct Wednesday.) Many people have been vocally looking forward to the end of this particular retrograde and the disruptions it has ushered in. Who can blame them? Since this retrograde began July 14, we’ve had an epidemic of closed roads, lanes, ramps and bridges,* the plug being pulled on Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney mid-song in a London concert and the unthinkably widespread failure of the power grid in Northern India.

*Among my observations: the Southwest Freeway buckling in Houston and stymying westbound rush-hour traffic, bridge and lane closures snarling all three westside crossings into NYC, my personal mystery of five consecutive exits off the only highway on my side of town (including the three roads into my town) being blocked by orange cones late one Saturday night for no visible reason and with no alternate route marked. Oh, and the photo up top? The main road I travel daily, taken on August 5.

Two things to keep in mind as the communication planet turns around. (1) He is taking his time and will not really move forward until Sunday. As a result the whole week may feel suspended in time (don’t squawk; you may actually welcome this, after the past couple of weeks), as if we’re waiting for ketchup to flow from an upended bottle. (Who else is hearing Carly Simon at this point?) These are supposed to be the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, remember? We’re getting those first two qualities at last, for possibly the first time this season. In other words: Take it easy. Chill. After what you’ve undergone lately, haven’t you earned some kicking back time?

(2) The road disruptions aren’t going anyway anytime soon; we’ll just be more accustomed to them as part of the fabric of existence. That’s because Mercury went retrograde at the same time as Uranus, who is in charge of the ripping up and dismantling end of the protracted infrastructure work he’s co-chairing with Pluto. The coinciding retrogrades gave us a trial-by-fire immersion in the disruption of familiar, direct routes. Once Mercury’s direct, Uranus will remain retrograde, into December (not coincidentally, the entire length of the scheduled partial shutdown of the George Washington Bridge into NYC). Unannounced and unforeseeable detours are a way of life for the rest of the year, metaphorically and concretely. Don’t whine. Adapt.

The second gear shift is Venus entering Cancer late in the day Tuesday. This move ends a significant leg in the journey of our hearts and ushers in quite a different vibe. Since April, Venus has been in Gemini, flitting through attractions and connections (from the past as well as current time) in a long, intellectual exploration of what she wants and values. We have made definite choices about our personal value and values — what we’re worth inherently and financially, what we want from others, what we are open to receiving in terms of money and love. Although some of those choices have involved, affected and permanently ended or locked in certain relationships, the real and major decisions have been internal and personal.

With Venus moving into the Moon’s home waters, our experience of what we want — and each other — is dropping from the intellectual into the emotional. We know better what we value; now we want to take care of it. Venus’ shift in mode is increasing sweet and tender feelings, protectiveness and the impulse to nurture, feed and snuggle with objects of affection. Sentimentality and nostalgia will be on the rise, along with a heightened sensitivity leading to tears of joy, or crying at commercials, or weeping for no immediately discernible reason.

Her first few days in the water promise magic, because almost on impact she is linking to Neptune, bringer of dreams, illusion, transcendence and grace. An open channel between worldly and higher love will open hearts, not to mention the floodgates to compassion, understanding and enlightened perspectives. Choose to see everyone and everything in the best possible light, and notice how different your life feels.

Do keep your grounding cord tied down solidly, though. This link could make fairy tales come true — and also give some illusions deceptively solid appearances.

Read my Astro-Outlook for August for an overview of the month.

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Monday: Ah, change. By now we’re all wising up to its being a part of life. Today brings another round of processing the personal ramifications of the shifts that have been occurring. We have to let go of something (my suggestion would be: fear); then a blast of unexpected freedom hits, possibly in the form of a revelation, possibly in a complete upending of what we thought we were about today. It’s all good, truly good, opening us to expansive, happy-making opportunity and feeling so much better about ourselves. Speak your mind without hesitation. It’s clear as a bell right now.

Tuesday: Some days you feel like staying in bed or taking your sweet time. And, boy, is this ever one. Foot-dragging is the lead-in to the morning (countered by an external force trying to goad you into action). Venus’ move into Cancer today is making everyone touchy-feely and prone to indulging in squishy, sweet, comforting food. We hear inner Moms saying “no dessert till after dinner” when the Moon stares down Saturn and goes void of course at after-school snack time (from 4:04 PM until 3:28 AM EDT tomorrow), but are we going to listen? I don’t think so. Instead, we’ll indulge, with a helping of good old-fashioned guilt on the side. Your choice whether to dig into that.

Wednesday: As Mercury goes stationary direct, the day’s greatest activity occurs in our minds and psyches pre-dawn. We see a way to improve a matter close to the heart (and, maybe, bank balance), we know what needs to be said, even if it’s uncomfortable, and we spy a graceful, loving way to do it. If you’re not awake when this thought process plays out, the results will be floating around in your head as you start the day. Honesty comes easily, first with yourself and then with others.

Thursday: Today you get to flex your pumped-up communicating and heart muscles. Your heart and mind are working in tandem so easily, so it’s coming naturally to speak from the heart with a simplicity and matter-of-factness than ever before. Still, the day’s developments will stretch you, but you’ve got the flexibility to respond. No need to get up in arms about them, either. You have scads of time to ponder, with the Moon void of course from 2:56 PM until 4:12 PM EDT tomorrow. (Yes: a whole day, and then some.) Inside the void, the rulers of mundane and higher love complete their link-up, as Venus and Neptune perfect the easy flow of energy known as a trine. Sweet nothings are especially so, and “Love thy neighbor” is a workable reality, even if he generally engenders quite antithetical feelings. It’s a great night for movies, music-making, gentle escapes and staring into a loved one’s eyes. Just keep your grounding cord tied down lest you float off into fantasy; okay?

Friday: Remember that the Moon is void of course until late afternoon (4:12 PM EDT). Set your sights and sails and expectations accordingly. As with Wednesday, the dream world is extraordinarily active, stirring up all kinds of matters involving freedom and attachments (how can they coexist?) and responsibilities, and resolving the tensions in favor of certain connections. The skies are quiet until the void ends with the Moon entering the communication hub of Gemini and, some three hours later, making her first aspect, to the hub’s ruler Mercury. Not going to be a quiet afternoon! Each of us has figured out a lot, and we’re all suffering from a compulsion to share.

Saturday: Get ready for a high-energy day! Change agent Uranus shakes us out of our early-morning stupor (or maybe bed) with the offer of a schedule change that could be more fun than what we had planned. Don’t collapse into yourself if the rest of reality doesn’t line up nicely with the new idea. A big picture understanding is available to you if you ask for it; so is the truth of the situation, if you are willing to hear it. Either approach will help navigating the day, which could have you questioning people’s sanity (or honesty) right and left. Ride it out. The vibes only get better as the day goes on. “Eat, drink and be merry” is in overdrive, and all the better with treasured companions. It’s a great day to celebrate a major occasion, which is exactly what I’ll be doing with a very special friend. (Happy birthday weekend to Milo’s mommy!!!!)

Sunday: It’s a lights, camera, action! kind of day. And singing “Zippity-Doo-Dah” while you make breakfast and clean up afterwards. Yesterday’s good spirits aren’t fading. They’re inspiring you to physical activity, productivity and doing things with other people. As the day winds down, they lead to solid progress, satisfaction and the sense of belonging in your own skin as well as on this planet. Enjoy.

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