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Forecast for week of August 20-26, 2012

Feel the cool in the air? The first sign of fall is blowing in. Maybe the temperatures aren’t really dropping just yet, but this week’s atmosphere is a taste of what’s coming in October and beyond.

That’s going to involve getting good and serious about decisions we’re been making lately. Prepare to dive deep.

Mars, the planet that rules our drive and motivation, is moving into Scorpio, triggering focused-to-obsessive exertions of will and effort. Mars has just come off a meeting with Saturn, the most orderly, rule and structure-loving influence in the sky. This merging put the brakes on some situations and green-lighted others for development. The results of this meeting — the commitments, agreements and agendas he set with Saturn– are going with Mars into Scorpio, exactly where Saturn will be heading himself in October.

Mars is doing advance work while Saturn finishes up his business in Libra. Mars is putting our recent decisions, commitments, agendas and agreements under the microscope. We may explore secrets, pry out buried treasure or gasp at threats and fears (not garden variety but the sort that interrupt or prevent your sleep and loom huge like cartoonish shadows projected onto the wall by an angled light in the hallway.) We will get serious, intensely so, about the decisions and developments of the summer. No more flirting, or dallying, or sitting on the fence (if you haven’t already been pushed off that). Whatever it is that we’ve decided we want, we want to dive in and experience it intensely.

Mars is simply driving home the deepen-or-die imperative coming from Saturn’s final weeks in his two year-ish journey through Libra, the sign of relationships and social contracts. In that time, our connections have gone through quite the overhaul. Old paradigms, ground rules and beliefs have been collapsing, while we embrace and negotiate greater reciprocity and more honest, more empowering and less enmeshed ways of relating. Mars is now applying his laser focus and X-ray vision to the situations and arrangements in progress, so we can see what lurks beneath the surface as we prepare to take the plunge.

He’s getting an assist from Venus, the ruler of our hearts and all we hold dear, and then from Neptune, ruler of higher love. Before Mars slides into Scorpio, Venus makes a growth aspect to expansive, optimistic Jupiter. Your heart is in another wave of opening and blossoming. This week’s planetary collaboration gives you permission to (a) have a desire or four and (b) allow yourself to have them fulfilled. Without guilt or apology, let yourself be more caring and nurturing of yourself, and see if you aren’t also more willing to give words to your needs.

Sunday, a couple of days after Mars has settled into Scorpio’s waters, he has an open channel to Neptune, the weaver of dreams, the cosmic font of compassion and transcendence and the universal spin doctor without equal. Determine to be divinely guided and your actions will drip with artistic inspiration, kindness and higher wisdom. People who are open to whatever, on the other hand, might be pursuing or doing the bidding of lies and illusion. (Unplug from the news and watch a movie if you have to. Or go outside and commune with nature.)

In this framework, the Sun begins his annual visit to Virgo, the sign of discrimination, discernment and healthy choices and boundaries. A paradox is before us: remaining intact while merging deeply. Mull it over and give it a try. Coexist with this one and you have the formula for relationships that flourish and prosper.

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Monday: Action! Personally meaningful forward progress is reachable today. Not only that, but you are likely to find that you are sprinting without tripping, jumping hurdles or navigating detours (a rarity these days!) — while some vague internal impulse propels you on, on, on. Rest? You can do that another day.

Tuesday: Smile, and the world smiles with you, especially today. There’s a point, purpose and, most importantly, pay-off to all your efforts. Did you get claim your entitlement gene under last Friday’s new moon? There’s still time. At a minimum, live today as if you have one. While you’re at it, look for the presence of angels and magic, too. In fact, expect them. Follow your instincts and you will be in the right place at the right time, with lucky breaks and coincidences that can’t really be coincidences leading to solid, worldly results. Say yes, say please, and say thank you. And then say, “More, please.”

Wednesday: Eat your Wheaties (or equivalent). Odds aren’t great for leaving your bed rested and refreshed, but they are for jumping out and attacking the day, all the same. (Theme song of the morning: “Gotta Get Up” by Harry Nilsson.) Put your navigational system to work. Ask to be guided to the activities and directions that are more beneficial for you, then see where the day takes you. The efficiency of that approach is in keeping with the Sun’s move into Virgo, and a Moon/Pluto link that makes it easy to separate the wheat from the chaff (which is also in keeping with Virgo). It’s not all work, though; in fact, it’s no work at all, but an exercise in trusting your guidance. Don’t keep the magic to yourself. (Theme song of the afternoon: “Happy Talk” from Rodgers & Hammerstein’s South Pacific. “Talk about things you like to do …. If you don’t have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?”)

Thursday: The dreamworld explores thoughts and messages that want to come to light — in your consciousness as well as for you to communicate to others. The drive to do that takes you into the day and pushes you past your comfort zone. You could look at that as a growth experience. Pay attention to how your energy and agenda shifts; this is the day Mars moves into Scorpio. You’re also feeling the build-up to tomorrow’s bustling skies, which is adding to not being in your comfort zone.

Friday: This is the most astrologically active day of the week. Keeping the connection to higher guidance could be a challenge, as the Sun and Neptune stand off and make it easy to question your sanity or wonder if someone’s been feeding you lies. Yesterday’s sensation of being outside your comfort zone is still around, now with Martha and the Vandellas singing “Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide” in the near-distance. Certain connections are out of whack, or out of sync, and you may confront deception or misguided thinking. Reality checks are key to getting through the day, so seek them out, no matter how many you end up needing. Speak up, even when it’s uncomfortable. Your ability to advocate for yourself is undergoing a growth spurt. Everybody benefits when you say what’s on your mind. (Not scream, not bark; say.) The responses you receive are data. At some point that data will have you saying, “I’m outta here.” Run with it. The break will do you good.

Saturday: You know what you weren’t able to do Monday or Wednesday? That’s right: rest. Which is your assignment for today. This stage of your process is somewhat like letting glue dry and set. Be still and quiet; be gentle with yourself. Open to wisdom and guidance. Mars’ channel to Neptune locks in overnight. Writing materials might be in order to capture the ideas that pour through.

Sunday: Get out your “Life is good” attire and accessories. They capture what many people honestly feel today. A deep, reassuring sense of personal power is for the having. At some point during the day, you might have I-belong-here thoughts. Day’s end brings the Sunday evening restlessness you felt as a child, knowing that heading back to structured time (aka school) awaited on the other side of sleep.

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