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Eye of God

Eye of God

By Guy Joseph Ale DBA

eye-god_OMTimesThe proverbial eye of god through which the universe sees me is also the eye through which I see the universe. As far as we know at present, we humans are the most advanced intelligence existing in the world. We are made of the same ingredients of energy and matter as everything else in the cosmos. As strange as this may seem on the surface, on a molecular level there is no difference between me, you, the screen on which you read this sentence, and planet Mars. This consciousness animates every object in the world, and in humankind it finds its language, vocabulary, an ability to reflect on itself, understand itself, and evolve further.

The last century has given us more scientific discoveries than the entire preceding human history before it. We are the first generation to know the geometry, material composition, and evolution of the universe. Technological advances of long-distance telescopes such as Hubble and Planck have enabled us to see deeper into the cosmos than was previously possible and get a clear picture of the position of galaxies in space and time.

New cosmology shows us that we are a product of exploding stars. We are made of stardust. The carbon in our body could not be created in the universe by any other means than through the collapse and explosion of a star. We are a further incarnation of a star. Stars go through the cycle of birth and death to allow the birth of humans. We are embedded in this evolutionary process: science calls this Self-Organizing Dynamics, spiritual traditions call this The Source, and religion calls this God.

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