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Environmentalism — Why?

By William Bezanson

environmentalism_OMTimesMany readers of OMTimes would likely call themselves environmentalists. They want to preserve the earth’s environment for future generations. They are perhaps angry, ashamed, and embarrassed about the mess that humankind is making of our precious island home. Their likely reason for cleaning up and saving the earth is the usual one: preserving it for our children and grandchildren.

But I have a different reason. I want to preserve and enhance the environment of the earth because I will be back. Yes, I’ll be back in my next incarnation, and I want the earth and humanity to be in good shape for me.

We all will be back, and that is the reason that I think that we all should be interested in environmentalism.

I’m probably preaching to the converted here. The great majority of OMTimes readers likely already believe in reincarnation. In my own case, I am convinced of its truth. (See my earlier article “Genealogy: Physical and Spiritual”.) So I want to “heal humanity” in preparation for my return to earth, around the 2080 timeframe.

But, you may ask, isn’t that selfish of me? Why do I put more priority on my own reincarnation than on having a good environment for my children and grandchildren? Am I being irresponsible?

I don’t ignore my offspring, but I extend my concerns for the future of our home planet beyond them to a bigger picture. I think that the very most important reason to care for our earth is that we will be back in future incarnations. (Even though many of us have previously incarnated on other planets, it is highly probable that we will continue to come back to earth for many more lives.)

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