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The Astrologer Daily: November 12th, 2012

Energy building towards New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

By Cindy MorrisNew-Moon-solar-eclipse

In this balsamic phase of the moon, her darkest phase just before the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, we are in the perfect mindset to look at the darkest crooks and crannies of our psyches to release what is stuck, what is rotting, what is tedious, and what is just plain boring to continue to shlep around. With Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius (Mercury will move back into Scorpio on November 15) the quest to reveal the TRUTH is on!

Let’ s see, on the news this morning I heard that Venice is flooding, Tuscany too. People on their rooftops, train service halted between Venice and Rome. Many people still cannot get back to their homes on Long Island, NY after the mother of all storms pounded the East coast last week. I can hardly even think about the Jersey shore and all that is transformed there. Fraud is being exposed in all levels of government and corporate systems and sexual acting out from ignoring relationship commitments to child abuse are being revealed. David Petreus, big deal general, following his whatever to more satisfaction outside his marriage to huge amounts of money being extorted by corporate executives as a matter of course. Well, it’s just as I expected it would be in the final clean-out days of Kali Yuga.

It’s really all a massive clear-out of all that has been repressed and the expression of the level of development of our consciousness. And it can really get you tied in a knot – if you let it. All you really need to do, and all you ever really CAN do – is work on yourself. Continue to ground yourself,clearing out your psychic space of accumulated debris, and fill the cleared out spaces left from the cleaning with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE– LOVE for yourself and LOVE for others. Release all judgment and focus ONLY on LOVE. This is how you HEAL  yourself andfree yourself of anxiety and stress. This is your assignment, lovingly given to you from your Higher Self, as the continuing unfolding of your own evolutionary journey.

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