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Does Ether Exist? Yes, it is “Spirit”

Ether and Spirit

By William Bezanson

does-ether-exist_OMTimesA question that has long puzzled me is “What is the medium through which electromagnetic (EM) energy propagates?” In this article, I want to propose that the medium, even in outer space, is Ether. And further, its relationship to Spirit makes it very interesting to the spiritually focused conscious community.

Consider the propagation of sound energy through air and mechanical energy through water:

  • When sound energy propagates through the atmosphere, and causes audible sounds to manifest, the energy causes air molecules to vibrate. The medium that vibrates, and thus provides a transmission vehicle for sound energy is air. This vibration ranges from zero to several thousand cycles per second (Hertz, Hz). Human ears can detect it from about 50 to 20,000 Hz.
  • When mechanical energy propagates through water, and manifests on the surface as surface ripples or waves, the energy causes water molecules to vibrate. The medium that vibrates, and thus provides a transmission vehicle for mechanical energy is water. The vibrational frequency is very low, say up to about 10 Hz.

Now let us move up to the higher frequencies of EM radiation. When radio waves, or light waves, or X-rays, or Gamma rays, or Cosmic rays (from low to very, very high EM frequencies) propagate through the “vacuum” of empty space, or simply from a radio antenna to a radio receiver, my question amounts to “What is the medium of energy propagation?” And for the highest frequencies of all, Spirit Energy, as taught by the Rosicrucians, beyond even Cosmic rays, again what is the medium of propagation? Spirit energy vibrational frequencies extend up to around 10^30 Hz and higher.

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