Thursday, April 24, 2014


July 23 – August 22

Daily Horoscope

24 - April - 2014

Intensity : 69

Keywords : out on a limb, forgiveness

Rating : 3

If you seem aloof, haughty or otherwise disconnected, they shouldn't take it personally. You're just being cautious, checking things out from a distance and deciding whether you really belong here. Maybe you're easily embarrassed right now. Or maybe you just got a whiff of some psychic allergen that always messes with your brain. It could be that you're a romantic with enough self-awareness to sense a pack of wolves just around a corner that you're not going to turn. You're feeling susceptible to harmful influences. It's perfectly OK to remove yourself. It's important to know your limits.

23 - April - 2014

Intensity : 87

Keywords : nerd, reclusive

Rating : 2

Normally you're quite a warm person. But today an aloof mood descends. Perhaps you're preoccupied with a project or an issue you're working on in your head. Or maybe it's the rest of the world that seems reserved and unwilling to connect. Either way, use this time to make some headway on the mental plane. Your thought processes are incredibly keen. You're thinking like a scientist. Put these skills to good use.

25 - April - 2014

Intensity : 69

Keywords : fragile, deserting

Rating : 3

Stop being so high-handed. You'll just lower everyone's opinion of you. You might be enjoying a moment of swagger and attitude, but all this brash talk could be hiding some deep insecurity. How long do you think you can keep these ghosts under wraps? Someone may guess your secret today. If that happens, cave in and admit everything before they turn you into the latest piece of hot gossip. You could probably handle the embarrassment, but you can definitely prevent it. Start keeping it real on your terms.

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