Sunday, April 20, 2014


July 23 – August 22

Daily Horoscope

20 - April - 2014

Intensity : 69

Keywords : grumpy, cross

Rating : 3

You want to make a splash today. Maybe you're trying to impress a certain client, or your employer. And if they don't seem to notice or appreciate your efforts, it could really make you doubt yourself. But don't let that happen. Just do your thing, regardless of whether you receive any recognition for it. Trust that right now, you're building a foundation. You'll reap the rewards later on.

19 - April - 2014

Intensity : 63

Keywords : sports, alert

Rating : 5

After an emotionally intense day or two, you're ready to get out of your head and into the bright, beautiful world. Even if you have responsibilities to take care of today, you can still find a fun adventure. Take a brand-new route to the grocery store and explore a neighborhood you've never been to before. Or strike up a conversation with another customer at the post office. Life is full of surprises.

21 - April - 2014

Intensity : 69

Keywords : fatalistic, stormy

Rating : 3

Your emotional connections with close friends or your partner may seem to be lacking today. Why not distract yourself by throwing yourself into work? You're capable of great, focused effort now. And you're attuned to the bottom line, which makes you practical and efficient. Getting lost in a project is fun, if a little lonely. But maybe by the time you come up for air, others will be in the mood to connect.

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