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10 - September - 2015


With a solar eclipse in your work sector later in the week, the pace continuing to pick up and some real professional turnarounds over the coming weeks, there is no doubt that your professional star is on the rise, but also that life is set to become even busier over the coming weeks and months. As well as a need to ensure you have the right work/life balance moving forward, there's also a need to ensure you have the right balance between work and play.


With the final months of the year destined to be the busiest and signs of that already evident, it becomes even more important to have the basics right. While the gods aren't pushing any work/life balance issues or even bothering about that too much at all, this is something that seems to be happening naturally. The Moon's last visit to your home and family sector since Venus turned direct and the last before Mars leaves is putting the spotlight on home and family matters and how important the basics of your life really are.


In just 8 days' time Saturn will return to your relationship sector, beginning some of the most important relationship years in decades and a journey to get right to the heart of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you. It's the Moon's position in your communication sector now and alignment with Venus that allows you to get in first, with a chance to give your heart, relationships and emotional responses a voice just as the relationship gods are getting ready to open major new doors.


The Moon's first visit to your income sector since Venus turned retrograde here, the last before Mars leaves and before Saturn returns to your work sector next week, brings a welcome and timely nose for money, but also a sense of entitlement. The key to making the most out of the unfolding developments on the income, work and career fronts over the coming weeks is to believe in yourself, in what you're worth but also knowing where your priorities lie across all the currencies in your life.


While the tide is due to turn on the work front and life is set to become busier over the coming months, the future also holds plenty of opportunities for fun and adventure and in fact these are going to appear like demands at times, especially if you continue to try and make life all work and no play. You're being put on alert that working yourself into the ground is no longer an option, with life's richer experiences waiting to be explored.


Despite the fact that you're not only in the early weeks of a new solar year, but the most powerful solar year in over a decade, a sense of nostalgia is going to be hard to shake, even though there is a growing impatience to move on. Find a way to satisfy that ache for the past by letting your heart decide what from the past it wants to embrace and what it wants to avoid. This time around you get to pick and choose.


While the Moon's monthly visits to a social and serendipitous part of your chart will always give you an intuitive sense of time and a read on people and situations that has the power to put you in the right place at the right time, returning at a time when the laws of attraction and synchronicity are already in effect is only going to heighten this. As the Moon and Venus align here, it's when you dare to follow your heart and your hunches that serendipitous moments and/or encounters are more likely.


As the Moon makes one last visit to your career sector before Saturn returns to your income sector next week and before a total lunar eclipse in your work sector later next month, this was always going to be a valuable chance to tap into what your professional instincts are telling you and to get your bearings. However, this comes just as the tide has turned on the career front, with a new sense of impatience calling for a more proactive approach.


An alignment between the Moon and Venus in her early days in direct motion in an adventurous part of your chart is fuelling a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure, but also a sense that the tide has turned. This is fuelling Mars' passion for adventure and a hunger for life's richer experiences with a new sense of urgency, especially as you can start to hear the professional gods beating their drums.


Just 4 days after Venus turned direct in your financial sector she aligns with the Moon today, bringing a chance to put your financial instincts, desires and expectations on the same page. With the tide having just turned a few days ago and nothing holding you back anymore, this is a chance to throw yourself into the things that excite you. This gives your financial passions and confidence the kick start they need.


While the Moon's monthly visits to your relationship sector can often evoke some strong emotional responses and in the past some personal and/or relationship tension, that's unlikely to be the case. As the Moon aligns with Venus, just 4 days after the planet of love turned direct, this will bring the first real sense that the tide has turned. By listening to your heart and your emotional responses you'll go a long way to not only establishing what you want from your relationships, but the support you have to make it happen.


The timing of the Moon's monthly visit to your work sector couldn't be better, giving you an intuitive edge during Venus' early days in direct motion here, but also as Mars gets ready to leave and as Saturn draws closer to his return to your career sector next week. The tides are turning on the professional front, with the Moon's intuitive edge giving you the means to keep your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground, staying on the cutting edge of all that is developing.