Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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24 - April - 2014


Be upfront, but be kind, too. Try to see things from another point of view for the next few days. You're here to make peace, not trouble.

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Adapt and oblige. Come on, why not? For the next day or two, it won't cost anything to be nice. Plus, it's a good basis for future contact.

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Today's quick fix might be tomorrow's slow pain. Visionaries should look into the near future. You know better than to upset the apple cart.

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You deserve courtesy and respect, so be courteous and respectful to others. Experience and longevity count for a lot in the next two days.

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If you seem aloof, it's only because you're being cautious. You feel susceptible to harmful influences. Keep your head down for a few days.

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Even decent people grow restless with too much niceness. Release some of the edginess you've absorbed. Speak from the id for a day or two.

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Promotion and passion seem like vanity and excess. You don't have to go over the top for simple improvements. Take it slowly today.

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You're quick to oblige when you have something to gain. Concealed motives are OK for the next few days, but then you'll need to speak up.

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Enough with the thoughtless excess, OK? At this rate, you're only a day or so away from going over the edge. Think more about your health.

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Hey, check you out! Amaze them with your moves. For the next few days you could be a dancer, acrobat or pro athlete. Your style defines you.

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You prefer smooth interactions. If there are any surprises in the next few days, you want to spring them, but others may not agree.

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Sometimes you'll be too shy for words. Other times you'll have the world's sharpest tongue. Nobody knows what you'll do next, not even you.

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