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06 - February - 2016


Today is the kind of day that could see you want to throw your toys out of the playpen and about time. Whether on the home or professional fronts, within your relationships or any other aspect of your life it's strong reactions to not getting your way that reveal that you have 'a way'. Sometimes, just like a 2 year old, we don't know what we do or don't want until it's taken away or someone or something stands in our way. In those situations where you feel like stomping your feet, look at what this is telling you.


While the wheels are not only starting to turn on your new professional year but life itself is getting busy again, a sense of adventure and the holiday spirit is not only still alive, it's ready to mount a rebellion. By this time of year the holiday spirit was just a memory, with life soon taking care of that, but not this year. Today it is a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure, combined with a sense of rebellion that could inspire an all out mutiny when it comes to breaking through your comfort zone.


Sometimes what weeks or even months of laborious decision making and mulling over your options can get you to the same place that a split second change of heart can. There is a sense of rebellion in the air today that is involving your heart and while this will be especially potent when it comes to money matters, it has the power to change the whole way you look at things. For where the heart leads the head and intuitive edge are set to follow over the coming days. New doors and ideas can open up in a split second, changing everything.


The problem when the stars seem to hang around a central theme and go over and over it, as tired as you are of reading about it you start taking it for granted. Another day and another round of support for communication on the relationship front, but it's support you and all your relationships need and support that won't always be around, not to the degree that it is now. It's the Moon's monthly visit to your relationship sector that might evoke some strong emotional responses and even push some buttons, but with this comes a chance for a breakthrough.


There is a chance for not only a change of mind today but a change of heart, especially in the way that you look at things on the income and work fronts, but also in every aspect of your life that you put time, effort and energy into and where you're looking at what you get back in return. There is also a hint of revolution in the air, which could see you ready to toss your toys out of the playpen. It's time to start fighting for what you want, except that the most important battles will be those waged within your own heart and mind.


While you may pride yourself on your common sense that your ability to avoid following your heart or emotional responses on a whim, that flies out the window today as you're likely to do just that and about time. Your biggest danger can often be in over thinking things, instead of staying in the moment and worrying about the consequences later. If you're worried that this might lead to some reckless or impulsive decisions then you are right to be worried, but then isn't that what life is sometimes all about?


As Venus and Pluto align this sees your heart align with a sense of rebellion, which could encourage you to follow your heart in an impulsive way or could see you throw your toys out of the playpen and in both cases it's about time. This invites a sense of spontaneity that will be felt especially on the home front, where there is often so much responsibility and such a weight on our shoulders. What if, instead of worrying about what has or might happen you just stayed in the moment, choosing to do something fun and spontaneous?


You not only have a chance to put heart and mind on the same page, but to really look and think outside the square. Ideas that have been building behind the scenes or words that have to this point remain unsaid are now scrambling to be heard and to see the light of day. This may see an explosion of talks, discussions and ideas over the coming days as your heart, mind and emotional responses all find their voice, all at the same time and with just the right amount of urgency.


You've not only reached a day but a period that will extend out into next week, where you'll not only want to have your hand in the cookie jar but there will be a sense of expectation and determination to grab your fair share. While there have been opportunities unfolding on the income front, but also across all the currencies in your life when it comes to getting what you deserve, all of a sudden you're waking up to the things you've been missing out on, just when you're ready to do something about it. If you want it, it's time to go after it.


On average Venus and Pluto, the planets that rule your heart and a sense of rebellion, will align once a year and since 2008 that has only happened in Capricorn and will only happen in your sign until 2024, giving your heart a sense of rebellion and you an urge to follow your heart in an impulsive and rebellious way. However, this is well over due, aligning today for the first time since December 2014, giving you the courage to spit the dummy if you don't get what you want and to rebel against all the things holding you back from following your heart.


Give yourself permission to spend time daydreaming and in fact the whole of the upcoming weekend needs to be dedicated to it, creating the perfect time to chill out, kick back and relax. While you're already two weeks into your new solar year and your birthday month has only got another two weeks to run, a sense of nostalgia is likely to have you in its grasp. What you need to do is ditch the mind set that says navel gazing is wasted time, when in fact it could be the most productive use of your time and the most important.


If there was ever a time for wishful thinking then today is that day, daring to let your heart and a bold sense of what's possible take the lead. This comes just as the Moon is not only triggering your hunches and giving you an intuitive edge when it comes to the clues that have the power to put you in the right place at the right time, but while the laws of attraction and synchronicity are in effect. There is a sense of magic in the air that needs to be trusted, with time to create a game plan or take more concrete steps later.