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01 - October - 2014


As she spends her first full day in your relationship sector Venus has teamed up with the Sun to give your heart a stronger say in things, with the real journey towards establishing what you want from your relationships and what they need from you starting with earnest today. With so much water having passed under the bridge this year and so many challenges, this is when the rebuilding can begin.


As she spends her first full day in your work sector, while she has teamed up with the Sun and the lights are already on, chances are you'll be seeing things in a different light. Where the Sun is focused on what is, Venus is here to look at what could be, with your heart having a much greater say in things. With some twists and turns ahead keep your eyes, heart and mind open, realising that this is still a work in progress.


With so much focus on work and relationship matters over the last few days, chances are Venus slipped quietly out of your home and family sector without drawing too much attention. Yet before too much time passes look back at the desires and expectations Venus left you with, for when she left she wrapped up all the planetary activity for the year and where to from here on the home front is all in your hands.


Just a day after Venus' departure from your communication sector brought all the planetary activity for the year to a close, but not before giving your heart a voice, this is being put to the test as the Moon returns to your relationship sector today. While the tide turned on the relationship front last week, this is when your emotional responses and your ability to keep the communication lines open can achieve some real progress.


As she spends her first full day in your communication sector Venus is able to put her own spin on what has been an ongoing mission this year to ensure the communication lines are open. It's Venus' ability to give your heart a voice and to put heart and mind on the same page that puts the focus onto your relationships and those communications that are close to your heart. This comes at what is always the most important point of the year for communication.


As she spends her first full day in your income sector Venus is able to take advantage of all that has gone before her and the fact that the Sun is already here, shining the solar spotlight on your options, situation and choices. With Mercury having just left over the weekend and due to return later next week for a double dip visit, you've already got your eyes open and a smart head for money. Yet it's Venus' desires and expectations and ability to trigger the laws of attraction that brings everything together.


Venus' first full day in your sign is far more important than simply a chance to give your heart a voice in the early days of your birthday month, but is a chance to draw a new line in the sand. While last week's New Moon was supposed to do that, with your heart still focused on the rear view mirror it was hard to let the past go. Now there is nothing holding you back, with a chance now to fully embrace the future and the journey ahead.


As the Moon's first only visit to your income sector while Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos is here wraps up, hold onto the nose for money this leaves you with and also to where this has fired up your fighting spirit. With support from lucky Jupiter in your career sector and from Uranus in your work sector, this puts glass ceilings that were previously out of reach a lot closer, with a nose for money allowing you to start picking your battles wisely and to narrowing in on the right targets to focus on for now.


Just a day after Venus not only left your career sector and wrapped up her own mission to redefine your professional desires and expectations, but all the planetary activity for the year, the Moon makes a timely return to your income sector. As your professional focus shifts from getting things up to speed and onto the ongoing mission, a nose for money will help you point things in the right direction, as well as giving stalled income matters a push.


As she spends her first full day in your career sector Venus is not only able to put a fresh perspective on things, but as the last force to come on board gives you a chance to finally set sail. While your professional year has taken you on a roller coaster ride and at times things got challenging, it's brought you to a point where you're able to start reaching the highest fruit on the tree. It now comes down to what your heart is telling you.


Despite the fact that Mercury's return to your career sector over the weekend has brought professional matters back to the fore, with a chance to get your head in the game, you're being asked to hold back, keeping your mind and your options open for now. This is something you shouldn't have a problem with, for with Venus in her first full day in an adventurous part of your chart a life that is all work and no play no longer holds much appeal.


At the same time that there's a need to hold onto the professional instincts, professional passions and fighting spirit that has been triggered and fuelled over the last few days, there's a need to pay attention to the financial desires and expectations that kick in today. During Venus' first full day in your financial sector there is a call to start bringing things home, but on your terms.