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30 - March - 2015


The only thing holding you back from fully embracing your new solar year is the fact that Mercury hasn't returned and you haven't yet got your head in the game. As he spends his last full day in a reflective part of your chart Mercury is stubbornly holding onto the past, hoping to extract as much insight, information and answers from the past as possible before finally committing to the future and the journey ahead. Today is all about taking one more look back through life's rear view mirror.


During his last full day in your sector of friendship, teamwork and network Mercury, planet of communication is urging you to make yourself as available as possible, especially when it comes to leaving or making time for spontaneous connections or chances to connect that come from out of the blue. While the words 'I don't have time to stop and talk' may be sitting on the tip of your tongue hold them back, knowing that a moment lost is one that you might not get to capture again.


An active push from the professional gods to get this new professional year up to speed and on the right track is coming to an end, 10 days after a solar eclipse put a massive tailwind at your back. A process that began with Mars' return in early January is being wrapped up by Mercury, who in his last full day is charged with turning your passions and fighting spirit into a game plan. While the momentum will continue once Mercury leaves tomorrow, you're more likely to stay on track if you have a game plan to work to.


With Mars in his final days in your career sector and Mercury returning tomorrow, the Moon's position in your income sector is not only giving you a nose for money when you need it most, but a chance to identify untapped potential. This is the Moon's last visit to your income sector before Jupiter turns direct here in 10 days time and while the doors are not only open to untapped potential on the income front but on the work front as well. Yet while it's important to keep your money and professional hats on today, it's also important to embrace a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure.


As Mercury spends his last full day in your financial sector it's all about keeping your head in the game and working with his smart head for money to make the financial choices, decisions and plans that give you the greatest power moving forward. Since early January a parade of planets have moved through your financial sector, fuelling your financial desires, expectations, passions and fighting spirit, getting all your options on the table. That push ends with Mercury tomorrow, with an urgent need to tie up loose ends.


While Mercury, planet of communication's last full day in your relationship sector brings you to the end of an active relationship push, one that began in early January, your relationships will remain supported. Any urgency today is around making sure the communication lines are open, using the planet of communication while he's still here. Moving forward with a clear sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you, communication is key to keeping things on track.


While you've reached an important day for friendship and relationship building, you'll need to juggle this with not only keeping your work hat on, but your head in the game. This is one time when you can't put things off, with Mercury not only spending his last full day in your work sector but bringing a planetary push that began with Mars' return in early January to an end. You can't afford to miss a moment of the time you still have access to Mercury's intellectual savvy, smart approach to things and articulation, whether it's to help you work smarter or with any talks or decision making.


Somehow you'll need to pull something out of your bag of tricks to ensure you maintain a balance between work and play. For with the Moon making its last visit to your career sector before Jupiter turns direct in your 10 days' time and the Sun and South Node aligned in your work sector, there's a need to keep your professional hat on. Yet with Mercury spending his last full day in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart you can't afford to let the day become all work and no play.


Today is a day for tying up loose ends on the home, family and/or property fronts, whether it's by simply getting your head around your options and where to from here or tying up loose ends. A massive push to get home and family matters on the right track, that began in early January has now reached its final day, with a chance to keep your head in the game, remain focused and make the right choices, decisions and plans. More important is a chance to remain focused on the home, family and/or property fronts, with your focus drawn elsewhere from tomorrow.


No matter how many demands on your time and how many balls you're juggling, the most important thing on your agenda today is communication, which means making the time to connect even when you don't think you have the time. As Mercury, planet of communication spends his last full day in your communication sector he's offering a chance that won't be repeated, with opportunities lost today possibly lost for good.


While today may require some juggling, the two main influences shouldn't get in each other's way or compete for the same slice of your attention. While the Sun and Moon have come together to make this an important day for relationship and communication matters and especially where they come together, Mercury's last full day in your income sector also requires you to keep your head in the game, making the most of his smart head for money while you still have direct access to it.


While the Sun left your sign and your birthday month wrapped up 9 days ago, while Mercury is still here you've had extra time to keep your head in the game and to make the right choices, decisions and plans for the coming year. Yet due to leave tomorrow the last call has gone out, bringing you to a point where, whether you feel ready or not, it's time to commit to your new solar year, the future and the journey ahead. While Mercury is still here keep your head in the game and the communication lines open.