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24 - March - 2017


Your birthday month already begins on the equinox, with the start of a new solar year always coinciding with the start of a new season. This really does bring an opportunity for a fresh start, for a do over or a reboot. You're moving into a few days where communication is set to become a lot more important, both with others and yourself. It's those thoughts and words constantly going through your mind that you have a chance to eves drop on.


The Moon has returned for an important visit to your career sector and the timing couldn't be better. Work tension and job pressure are once more rising, but this time in a way that is both short, less invasive and comes with the strategic edge needed to work smarter. With your professional instincts sharp as well, this becomes a real opportunity. Especially when it comes to cracking the code and nailing an approach that works for you.


There is likely to be a renewed sense of professional confidence and even a sense of purpose as you shed the weight of recent months. With Neptune back at the wheel on the professional front, you may even be reigniting the professional passions and dreams you moved into the year with. With an opportunity for a do over in just 10 days' time, let a new sense of excitement run its course without over thinking things.


It was four weeks ago that the Moon returned to your financial sector to support Mercury in his final days. In the final days of your annual financial review, this was a chance to put your financial instincts and a smart head for money together. This was a chance to finalise your financial game plan and resolutions. For the first time since then the Moon has come full circle, with a chance to revisit that game plan and resolutions.


As much as the Moon's return to your relationship sector is a chance to revisit the relationship intentions and commitments being made, this time last year, this is also a chance to give your relationships a voice. Teaming up with lucky Jupiter in your communication sector and other triggers that suggest communication support, this is a chance to give the past and unsaid words a voice. Especially if in hindsight, you appreciate what should have been said before.


While there is a need to have your work hat on today, this is less about having your head in the game and more about listening to your intuition and imagination. The Moon is making its first visit to your work sector since a four month planetary push ran its course, with a chance to revisit the choices, game plans and resolutions you were making this time last month. You don't need to reinvent the wheel, just let your emotional, intuitive and imaginative responses run their course.


Mercury, planet of communication is drawing close to an opposition with Jupiter that will see relationship tensions rise tomorrow. Yet you may find it hard to take this seriously. With Mercury involved, this was always going to be more of an opportunity for a breakthrough than anything else. But today's romantically charged lunar vibes will make it hard to sweat the small stuff. If anything, this is more of a chance to give your heart and your relationships a voice.


The Moon's return to your home and family sector has brought a short opportunity to regroup. While home and family matters are no longer the cosmic priority that they were over recent months, the Moon's monthly visits are a chance to turn your attention onto things close to home. While this is not an issue now, work/life balance will become a lot more important over the coming months. The more you can shore things up on the home front now the better.


When the Moon and Mercury, planet of communication left your communication sector late last month, this brought all your communication support to a close. Yet you will never be left completely alone, with the Moon's monthly visits being a valuable chance to give your emotional responses a voice. This is the key to keeping the communication lines open. After four months of planetary support, you don't need your hand held, with the Moon here to provide support, should you need it.


The Moon's return to your income sector each month is always an advantage, giving you a nose for money and a sense of entitlement across all the currencies in your life. You're more likely to be aware of what's fair and what isn't while the Moon is here, than at any other point in the month. This time, this is also a chance to revisit the nose and a smart head for money you moved into the year with.


When Mercury left Aquarius late last month the Sun had just left a week earlier, wrapping up your birthday month. Mercury stayed on to finalise your game plan and resolutions for the coming years, taking care of all the details. The Moon was with Mercury in his final days, giving you an intuitive and intellectually savvy edge as you tied up loose ends. The Moon has now come full circle, with a chance to revisit those resolutions, with a chance to take another look at the roadmap.


A combination of sharp professional instincts and today's intuitive edge, which borders on giving you a sixth sense, trusting your instincts is everything and not just professionally. This is especially so when it comes to feeling you have to have a firm game plan and resolutions for this new solar year. The Sun left Pisces earlier in the week, yet chances are some things are still up in the air. They're supposed to be, giving you time to explore all your options.