Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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22 - July - 2014


You're especially attentive and expressive today. Nuances of wit and language please you. Revel in ideas. Explore past their boundaries.

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Your mind is working double-time today. Record any strokes of brilliance, especially if you're planning a project. Be extra creative!

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Your mind is racing and your energy is high today. You're the first person to get a joke or solve a puzzle. Enjoy this mental activity!

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Quick thinking keeps you on your toes today. But be sure to cater to your emotions and energy level. Use quiet moments to decompress.

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High energy could make you restless today. Channel this. You have the focus to turn a great idea into something both creative and workable.

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It may be difficult to get much accomplished today. It's hard to concentrate. You're exchanging information, but not really communicating.

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A lively mood lifts your spirits and brightens your day. Discussions make you think. Jokes make you laugh. What fun these interchanges are!

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Communication takes on extra importance today. Avoid being obsessive about getting your thoughts across to others! Listen to them, too.

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Today will be all talk but very little action. Why not use this energy to plan a project? Don't worry about practicality. Just strategize.

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You don't feel as grounded today as usual. Blow off steam with physical exercise or deep breathing. Or, tailor your day to match your mood.

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You're in your element today, at your creative, intellectual best. Ideas come in bursts. Put this to good use. Create something incredible!

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If you have trouble concentrating today, you aren't alone. Adjust your activities to accommodate your attention span. Think short and quick.

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