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30 - October - 2014


At an important time of the year for financial and professional matters there should be little time for adventure and playing hooky, especially after Mars left your sector of travel, adventure, learning and discovery over the weekend. However, there is a sense of adventure in the air that is not only too robust to be ignored but it's here to stay, forcing you to work around it. It seems that the passion for adventure and a hunger for life's richer experiences Mars left you with has taken root.


The Moon's first visit to an adventurous part of your chart since Mars, planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos returned over the weekend is a chance for your emotional, intuitive and imaginative responses to fuse with a new passion for adventure and a hunger for life's richer experiences. With a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure in the air, old excuses don't stand a chance.


Having the Moon move through your financial sector during Mars' early days is a chance to put your financial instincts, passions and fighting spirit on the same page, getting a better sense of what this is inspiring, despite the fact that it's still early days. After so many ups and downs and a roller coaster of a year, it's time to not only put the challenges of the past behind you but use them as motivation and leverage.


Having the Moon move through your relationship sector so soon after Mars' return over the weekend is a valuable chance to get an intuitive read on the shift in dynamics this has created. While this shouldn't create any personal and/or relationship tension, whenever emotions and passions come together you can expect things to get a little heated, with your emotional responses inspiring your fighting spirit. If anyone's getting feisty today it's likely to be you.


At the same time that having the right balance between work and play has begun in earnest, mainly because you really can have it all, there is a chance and a need to appreciate the importance of having the basics of life running smoothly. Apart from next week's Full Moon, which will bring any work/life balance issues to a head, this is not pushing any issues, which is why it's even more important that you take the lead on this, working to make your life as user friendly as possible.


While there's little danger of life becoming too serious, unless home and family matters start to dominate, the Moon's return to a playful part of your chart during Mars' early days is a chance to better tap into the romantic and creative passions he's evoking. With your next real surge on the work front not coming until early December and income matters slowly being resolved, you're waking up to the fact that you need more fun, colour and play in your life.


Having the Moon move through your home and family sector during Mars' early days brings a chance to get an emotional read on the passions and call for action this is evoking. Whether it's things that push your buttons, cause you to spit the dummy or that simply inspire or irk you enough to take action, this will provide the push to get things started, while already revealing where things stand on your list of priorities. If something doesn't evoke a strong reaction it can wait.


Having the Moon on board during Mars' early days in your communication sector provides the emotional component needed to get the ball rolling. As the Moon works to give your emotional responses a voice and Mars gives you the courage to speak out, the communication breakthrough that has been waiting at a tipping point should all start falling into place. Bless anything that evokes a strong enough reaction that it forces you to speak out and clear the air.


There's not only a need to keep your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground when it comes to income matters today, trusting what a nose for money is telling you, but to embrace and combine this with a sense of entitlement this will also highlight. This is more than just about the money and is waking you up to where you might be missing out on your fair share of life's pie. Expect your inner child to be stamping its feet when it doesn't get its own way today and about time.


Don't be surprised if you're not quite sure where you stand or that you're feeling quite fickle. One moment you'll want to be in the thick of things, where the action is and part of everything and the next everyone will be grating on your nerves, to a point where you need to put the 'do not disturb' sign on the door so you can hear yourself think. Simply roll with the flow, confident enough to recognise when you need time out and when you need to remain plugged in.


An alignment between the Sun and Venus, that began in an adventurous part of your chart last week but ended in your career sector yesterday, has resulted in a shift in the way you approach things. Until now, with the Sun in the lead and Venus following, the reality checks came first and then your heart had its say. Now it's your heart that has the first say, with the reality checks coming later, making the professional desires and expectations Venus is evoking a lot more important.


The Moon's monthly visits to a social and serendipitous part of your chart are always a chance to tap into the laws of synchronicity, with trusting your gut more likely to put you in the right place at the right time or to avoid situations that could be time wasters. Returning just days after Mars returned to kick off the most important weeks of the year for personal and professional networking, this is giving you an intuitive sense of timing and an intuitive read on people and situations that needs to be trusted.