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Crystals for New Beginnings

Ring Out The Old, Ring In The New: Crystals for New Beginnings

by Andrew Pacholyk, MS L.Ac

Many people see this time of year as perfect for a new beginning. The power behind new beginnings, whether it is for a New Year or a new day, can be found in the strength of our mental attitude. Encouraging words, affirmations and other tools can keep us along the path we desire. So engaging crystals as a tool for guidance seems only natural. Love, abundance, creativity are often the ideas we strive for the most.

New Beginnings: Ring Out The Old


This is excellent for surfacing and dissolving old beliefs. Kyanite reminds us that everything which happens is for a purpose, and that we are ultimately in

As we begin to look at the events of our lives in this perspective we can find that beliefs which we accepted as fact are brought to the surface.

Placed on brow, this opens 3rd eye and blue/throat Chakra. Enhances psychic images, foresight, consciousness, meditation, communication.

On 3rd eye; answers questions, especially in imagery. Brings out our natural ability to manifest things into reality via thoughts, visualization. Tranquility.


This is excellent for surfacing and dissolving old beliefs. The stone from outer space, both helps us become aware of our negative beliefs about being in physical existence, and makes us more comfortable on the earth plane. Variety of Tektite, but twice as rare! (fell to earth). Dull outside, deep clear green inside.

Powerfully expands psychicness, channeling. On Heart Chakra. Eases longing to leave earth.

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