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The Astrologer Daily: December 6th, 2012

Crystals and the Angelic Realm

By Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Acangels-crystals

Crystals are often used for clearing your mind, helping with emotional awareness, meditation and energy therapies. The crystals we chose often give us the insight as to what we need on a angelic-emotional level. Even their names are somehow associated with a higher vibration due to their mineral make-up. I have listed some of my favorite… you can find many more at the end of the article:


The stone of transformation, spirituality and dream recall. Associated with the Archangel Zadkiel, amethyst is the stone of transformation from all addiction, promoting inner peace. Used for contentment and meditation. Provides common sense and flexibility in decisions. Strengthens and enhances psychic abilities, imagery and mind quieting. Wear when sleeping or when awake to reduce anger, depression, grief, impatience, and nightmares. Most effective on the Third Eye and Crown Chakra. Amethyst contains the grounding color of red with the energy of blue, which is expanding, spacious and flow of peace.

Angel Aura Quartz:

This stone awakens awareness. This spectacular version of opalescent quartz is a result of scientific alchemy created by bonding natural clear quartz crystal with the precious metal infusion of pure platinum and silver, resulting in an immensely powerful and protective combination most associated with our Guardian Angels. Angel Aura Quartz has it’s own unique vibrational signature. It’s iridescent rainbow coloring is hypnotic and helps us to instill peace, tranquility and a feeling of contentment.


This is a stone of inner peace. It creates stillness for receiving, therefore, allowing us connection to spirit. It allows us to find serenity, harmony and easiness. It is most associated with the Angelic Realm. White, clear and cool blue, celestite gets its name from the sky. It’s gentle nature soothes nerves, reduces stress and quiets the mind. It shows us a life overview and stimulates creativity. Celestite increases self-expression, artistic creativity and healing. This stone helps the Throat Chakra by allowing for honesty, openness and listening. The celestial blue color helps reduce stress, worry and anxiety


This stone is used for awakening guidance. The high vibration felt in this crystal brings you light, clarity and a sense of purity. It’s association to Archangel Gabriel makes perfect sense, as there is a joyful attunement to the angelic realm the minute you come in contact with danburite. Soul purification is felt through spiritual awakening, revelations and transitions the more you work with this versatile stone. It empowers both the Heart and Crown Chakra, by detecting and modifying emotional blockage, then clearing the way through the recognition of old patterns and helping us to release the past as we let go of mental stagnation.

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