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Crystal Tarot: X Wheel of Fortune and Aventurine

Crystal Tarot: X Wheel of Fortune and Aventurine

Crystals and tarot have a long history of coexistence. Like runes and divination tools such as sticks, stones and bones, crystals have been associated with the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot, for centuries.Wheel of Fortune_omtimes

By correspondence, each crystal aligns to one of the energies associated to each tarot card, specifically the Major Arcana. Throughout history crystals have been used in fortune-telling for their subtle vibrational nature, thought to linked to the vibrational powers of the cosmos. As a divinatory tool, they can be laid out in simple spread of one, two or three crystals, similar to any tarot card layouts.

Aventurine: seems to enable abundance and brings good luck and money, joy, balance and clarity.

Universal love, truth and prosperity are traits we can gain by working with Aventurine.

This stone is good to have when job interviewing, selling products, or play lotto. This stone helps to stable financial matters, especially when times are tough.

Keep it around when paying bills, making business transactions or gambling. It is considered the stone for gamblers.

Spiritually, Aventurine protects the heart, enhances creativity and working with spirit guides. It has a concentrated ability to dissolve emotional blockage.

It’s a particularly effective crystal for emotional healing and is especially helpful when worn for this purpose or placed on the heart center during Chakra balancing.

It helps to balance the emotions, and is one of the best stones to wear or carry during stressful periods. It can also be used in crystal layouts when stress is internalized in the solar plexus area. It is also used with stones which have a seemingly more harsh energy.

Aventurine is often referred to as the all-purpose healer.

The Wheel of Fortune card represents those events in our lives that come out of nowhere. Unexpected surprises, a promotion we don’t request, an inheritance from a relative When pulled in a reading it generally indicates a happy, unexpected event is in the works.

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