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The Astrologer Daily: October 12th, 2012

Create your Happy Ever After!

By Annalisa CortiCreate-Your-happy-ever-after

Are you feeling overwhelmed by life? 

Unhappy in your relationship? 

Unrecognized at work?  

Do you just want to change it all and finally live happily ever after?  

Yes?  Wonderful!  

The first thing you should know is that you created every single circumstance in your life, thus you are the only one responsible for its unfolding.  The second thing – if you are still reading – is that it is all happening for your highest good and you can turn it all around.  All that is required are thoughts, words, and actions.  It is that simple.  What you think, say and do translates into reality.  Each tool vibrates at a different energy level dancing with the universe to move to you or away from you a certain experience.

It begs the question… Do you know how to dance with the Universe?  It is rather simple conceptually, though it may require serious dedication when we implement the tools.  Let’s just say that you are worried about not having enough money.  As long as you focus on worrying about the lack of money, you will continue experience just that: scarcity, shortage, insufficiency.  On the other hand, if you start telling yourself: “I am abundant, I am abundant, I AM ABUNDANT!” the vibrations you exude will be matched by coincidences, opportunities, ideas, inspirations, people, events that will come to you to help you experience what you have focused upon: ABUNDANCE!  Stretching our example further, this may not mean that you will become a millionaire within a week, then again if the highest good for your soul is to absolute material wealth, this will come forth to you.  The underlying but fundamental detail about creation is that it is closely intertwined with your soul path: what you decided to experience prior to coming back down to earth for another amazing adventure.  The only glitch is that most people forget their Divine missions feeling they are trapped in a miserable existence, rather than seeing what it is enabling them to experience and how it is helping them grow closer to who they really are.

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