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Create Your Greatest Triumphs with Feng Shui

Create the opportunities you deserve by activating recognition and promotion in your life

By Alfonso LeonFeng-shui

Enjoying good fortune, prosperity, harmony and well-being is undoubtedly the result of the good flow of Chi and the larger goal of Feng Shui. Therefore, obtaining recognition, promotion and fame in your professional life will require an intelligent distribution of favorable coordinates and their activation through elements and appropriate cures. Remember, even though your life is full of good wishes and goals you’ve achieved, you will need the help of the good energies of this ancient art to generate many more blessings in your job, in your career, and in your business. Your space should be a reflection of great personal welfare and must be protected and activated in order to bring happiness to those around you.

The first step to getting great opportunities, promotions and awards in your working area is to activate three of the coordinates of the Pa Kua of your surroundings.

These are: the north, the south and southwest. The north governs professional success; the south is the direction in which resides fame, recognition and acknowledgments; and the southwest is the space in which you activate good public and personal relations. How can you activate them? Simple. This guide will help you do it in an effective manner.













Avoid Placing






Blues and metallic tones



and undulating forms

Framed college degree


Diplomas and dream map


Crab with Ru Yi


Lamps or candles

South Fire Oranges and Reds Triangular Phoenix




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