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Constant Healing and Metaphysical Wellness

Constant Healing and Metaphysical Wellness

By Judi Lynch

constant-healing_metaphysical-wellness_OMTimesThe rapidly-evolving ascension process is helping us to understand how to set our inner frequencies on constant healing mode to carry us through this magnificent transition. It is important to feed and nurture the positive thoughts and qualities that will carry us through to the next task as we process the purpose of our being. We are on an adventurous journey of faith now turning to a believable reality. Our DNA is responding to thoughts and capabilities as we create the ultimate human experience of truly living in a light-minded world.

Every thought, feeling, and emotion feeds your body information. This information turns into the energy that your life force draws from and activates the reality that you will experience. Just as your past life memories of prior negativity and disturbance can surface in this life, it is just as possible to be able to access and activate your true metaphysical ability to heal body, mind and soul. The formulas for setting in motion the constant regeneration of the body and an immune system that continues to function normally regardless of age are upon us now.

All of the actions in your lifetimes are recorded as etheric atoms which attach to your soul body at the time of transition to the light. Even though the body that housed this energy may die, the soul lives on in light and can again reincarnate through this incredible process of life and rebirth. When souls are working together to ascend a planet such as Earth, eventually they will learn how to transcend into the light at will without fear of physical death here. This is how the New Earth is created first in our thoughts and brought into fruition through the love and knowledge now pouring in from the Heavens.

Constant Healing, Miraculous Wellness

We have learned when the body is functioning with illness it can be dealt with and healed in ways our minds may not have been able to comprehend before. We had to let the new thoughts in! All of our scientific discoveries and chemically derived medicines were only the beginning. The answer is not in more synthetic drugs and pills. The answer is inside of every one of us. We truly can create the atoms and enzymes inside our bodies through the vibration of love and knowledge. This time of transition is miraculous.

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