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24 - March - 2017


Your love life is in the middle of a somewhat painful transition period. Don't fret over any arguments right now. They won't have lasting impact, they could even turn into a blessing in disguise. You need to be more honest about the shared resources you manage.


You may be asked to participate in or take a leadership role in a charity or volunteer effort, and that would be an excellent way to take your mind off your own troubles right now. No matter how stressful things might seem, someone else's troubles are far worse than yours.


You could get into an argument with someone that you were trying to impress right now. Try to take a step back, listen to their point of view, and you may find you have not only made a friend, but you will have learned something new about the world.


You may find that you are the focus of some unwanted attention right now, especially if you let your emotions get the better of you. You may have some additional challenges because of changes in important personal relationships. You may tend to be a bit too hard on yourself right now.


You may find that there will be a big pile of sales flyers on your doorstep right now. Everything looks so tempting, but do be careful where you choose to spend your money. Looks like that health food store may have some good deals, but the electronic shop is not as good a bet.


You may be frustrated with your boss or an authority figure, but they are pushing you in your own best interests, believe it or not. There may not seem to be immediate financial or personal rewards in the process, but give it some time and you will begin to see some very positive benefits.


Subconscious messages, dreams, and sudden insights, will bring messages for you right now. They are telling you that you have a strong need to reach out and touch someone - a relative or parent who is feeling lonely. You could dramatically brighten someone's day with a simple phone call.


You may be interested in boosting your education. An online class may be more affordable than you think. Check into local resources and online colleges. A part-time class could considerably boost your career advancement prospects.


If you have some family members you normally describe as "slightly nutty", right now is the day when you find that there is some truth to the idea that great talent often comes with some mental baggage. Let yourself be entertained - you may learn something from your "mad genius".


Today it is you who are daydreaming, and hopefully you are as forgiving of yourself as you have been to the children in your life. One of those daydreams has good potential to drive you further down your career or social path, provided you can find a way to make it a reality.


Someone in your family will be a little off the wall right now, but their wild-eyed antics may be just what the doctor ordered. They could drag you off to a spa or salon for an impromptu makeover that goes over better than expected. Don't be afraid to push the limits.


Your work, career and health sector takes in some much-needed energy right now. You will find that you are feeling healthier and more energetic and are able to get a lot of work done. You might be looking at a bonus or small raise, or at the very least a really good chance to impress the "higher ups".

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