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If your birthday is between December 20 – January 19, you are a Capricorn

Expect a burst of creativity in May, Capricorn - and about time too, as you have been hiding this aspect of your nature all too well. The month also brings a sense of healing over past events, especially if you suffered a trauma long ago. You may struggle with emotions on May 7th when some difficult square aspects dredge up memories of that hurt, but the Sun-Jupiter opposition on May 8th urges you to tackle this head on rather than hiding from it. Once Mercury arrives in your creativity zone on May 13th, you'll find art, crafts and writing to be excellent therapy. It's a time to be bold and to showcase your artistic side, even if you don't have much confidence in that area. Mercury is soon joined by rebel planet Uranus on May 15th, which is a major turning point in your creative journey - for the next seven years, you'll spend more time playing, laughing and indulging your inner child, and that has to be a good thing! Get started right away, because on May 25th there's a dream trine for writers and creative people, between Jupiter and Neptune. Imaginative flair is in the ether at this point, so let your mind soar and use the energy to create something truly special. The Full Moon on May 29th occurs in your imagination zone, so try using a dream journal to seek inspiration from your subconscious. Meanwhile, Mercury arrives in one of the most sensible and emotionally stable areas of your chart, so the anger and bitterness you hold from the past can now be safely released.

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