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If your birthday is between December 20 – January 19, you are a Capricorn

If your love relationship has been going through a sticky patch recently, do not despair. As Chiron turns retrograde on July 4th, you're learning that your past mistakes do not dictate your future. Invest in your relationship and keep talking. Remember why you fell in love in the first place. The very positive Sun trines on July 5th and 7th indicate that friends, family and other loved ones are all willing you on as a couple. You'll get there. If you're single, you may feel lonely or frustrated at this time, but these same planetary indications suggest that a fresh start on the dating scene is yours for the taking if you so wish. Venus moves into your philosophy zone on July 9th, helping you to get any relationship woes into perspective and to create a new mutual understanding with your lover. The partial Solar Eclipse on July 12th is not without its tricky moments, but overall it brings positive impetus to your love life and the desire to focus on one another's happiness as you move forwards. Towards the end of July there are some hot and spicy aspects which suggest a great deal of passion in a relationship - however, passion, anger and jealousy are easily mistaken for one another. As Mercury turns retrograde on July 25th, keep the lines of communication open and try hard not to over-react to provocation. Likewise, during the Lunar Eclipse on July 27th - focus on your shared values and your shared dreams.

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