Cancer Weekly Career Horoscope

Weekly Career Horoscope for Cancer

If your birthday is between June 20 – July 19, you are a Cancer

26 - April - 2017

The asteroid Vesta is still hanging out in your sign and giving you confident independence, and now that Mars is in your psychological area, you can expect some reflection with regards to your life goals. This is a time when you would prefer to think things out for yourself without the interference of those who think that they are helping you. Your actions are unconscious so try to observe them and learn a thing or two about how you actually tick. With Pluto moving retrograde through your partnership arena, there are bound to be many considerations that come to mind regarding power balances in your current partnerships, but a Taurus new Moon on Wednesday will give you the chance to set the intention for your goals in a very practical way. As the week progresses, retrograding Mercury brushes up against Uranus and affords you an enlightened moment concerning your career or reputation, which adds intention to Venus who is going to be leaping into that sector on Saturday for more than a month, and brightening up your career prospects.

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