Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope for Cancer

If your birthday is between June 20 – July 19, you are a Cancer

You always like to present your very best self to the world, and self-improvement opportunities come thick and fast in early July. Chiron turns retrograde in your career zone, which should enable you to think dispassionately about your working life and about how you can best fulfil your potential. Look for your calling - it's there, it highlights how you are growing just now; your creativity is starting to shine and you're developing your intellect and conscience too. The partial Solar Eclipse on July 12th falls in your sign and is another indication of a fresh start and a new you being on the cards. However, a difficult opposition from Pluto to this lunation suggests that someone else may be pulling the strings. Change if you want to change for you; don't change simply to please someone else. Towards the end of the month, your thoughts turn towards your finances and your financial stability - and for your sign in particular, this has always been strongly linked to your emotional stability. A difficult Sun-Uranus square on July 25th highlights an over-spending problem; Mercury turning retrograde in your money zone on the same day also suggests that you're not being fully honest with yourself over money. Spend a few days thinking about how to rectify this situation. The Lunar Eclipse on the 27th brings stress if you are unable to meet your obligations, but also insight into how you can fix the problem.

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