Cancer Monthly Career Horoscope

Monthly Career Horoscope for Cancer

If your birthday is between June 20 – July 19, you are a Cancer

April is always going to be a professionally focused month for you, due to the fact that the Sun will always spend the first three weeks of April in your career sector. However, that is where the similarities with any other year begin and end. There have already been some extraordinary developments, but also a high degree of the professional pressures and work/life balance challenges. For while it is one thing to have some extraordinary and even once in a lifetime professional developments unfolding, this happens in the very year you have Jupiter on the opposite side of the sky, in your home and family sector. Most of this is over or at least the worse, but the Sun and Jupiter will move into opposition on the 6th/7th April. Another potential hotspot for professional and/or work/life balance pressure is around the time of a Full Moon on the 11th April, this time putting the Sun and Moon in opposition. Yet by then you will find the manic professional push is over and that you really can pace yourself. To start with that won't seem possible, with your career sector still packed with active planets. Yet one by one things will ease back, revealing a month that is a lot less manic, a lot less demanding and where you may finally get a chance to catch up or just catch your breath. Things start to ease back within hours. It begins with Mercury's departure from your career sector on the 1st April, continues with Venus' departure on the 3rd April and the pace will really drop back when Saturn turns retrograde in your work sector on the 6th April. It is telling that the Sun, normally the busiest point in any professional year, will take over and that base line becomes a dramatic drop off. It proves how much pressure you've been under. Mercury will return to your career sector on the 21st April and Venus on the 29th April, after the Sun's departure on the 20th April and in time to capture as much potential as possible.

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