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Best Herbs and Supplements for 2013

By Dr Paul Haiderbest-herb-supplements

With thousands of herbs and supplements on the market it’s almost impossible to narrow down the scope, but here is a good reference list of the top 10.

Chlorella Powder – This alga grown in Japan and other parts of the world is one of the best all around health agents you can buy. Full of Chi energy, able to remove heavy metals from your body, and packed full of nutrients, this supplement is number 1 on my list of best herbs. Start taking Chlorella tablets and you will feel the difference.

Green Tea – There are hundreds of scholarly articles on the benefits of green tea, which is one of the best antioxidants on the market. Green Tea is easy to find and packed full of polyphenols that are able to slow the aging process and keep you healthy.

Green Juicing – Green juicing will add all important enzymes and nutrients that you are not getting from todays food. Green juicing also alkalizes your body, ridding your body of inflammation, boosts your energy level, and revitalizes your body… you can buy green juices in your supermarket, or make them yourself.

Moringa – This new herb is one of the best herbs on the market with a lot of new research showing that eating just a few small moringa leaves a day can change your health in no time. There are special drinks, capsules, and tablets that you can take putting you on the right track for good nutrition and antioxidant scavenging of free radicals. Plus moringa is being talk about as a super food for saving the world… because it grows rapidly and the whole tree (actually a plant) from roots to the leaves is highly nutritious.

Tulsi Herb/Holy Basil – Is one of the best and easiest to grow adaptogenic herbs for stress that has been around for a long time, but does not get the recognition that it deserves. A great relaxing tea that will de-stress your life and help to heal your body from the ravages of the daily stressful grind.

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