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Benefits of Reiki Energy Healing for Pets

By Jill M. Jacksonbenefits-of-reiki-for-animals

Many people are now familiar with the alternative healing modality, Reiki, as well as other forms of healing energy. For those of you who are not yet acquainted with this type of therapy, Reiki is a gentle technique that aids in relief from ailments as well as a treatment that provides stress release. The Reiki Master Practitioner is trained to transmit subtle energy through the hands, eyes, and chakras.  Reiki treatments comfort the mind, body and spirit, leaving the client feeling relaxed and peaceful.

It is becoming more common that the “clients” receiving the treatments are dogs, cats, horses, and even sanctuary farm animals!  Reiki has been shown to assist animals in several main circumstances.  The first beneficial use of animal Reiki is when a precious companion animal becomes sick.  The Reiki Master is a great complement to traditional veterinarian treatment, as the energy healing for the animals provides deep relaxation and balance, which has been shown to help with muscular aches, pains, back problems and strains.

The one benefit that is the most difficult to contemplate is Reiki Healing for our pets that have become terminally ill and are in the last remaining stages of their earth life. Reiki offers an opportunity to show our animals gratitude for the unconditional love and companionship they gave us, their guardians, during their lives.  Reiki provides comfort and ease as our fur babies prepare to cross over.

The remaining advantage that will be discussed in this article is the noble assistance of Reiki healing for the beloved rescue animal. Every year, there are from 5,000,000 to 7,000,000 animals that enter shelters.  Many rescue animals have been severely neglected or abused.  The energy healing not only provides each animal with pure balanced loving Universal energy which pulsates through their body, but this approach also provides an opportunity to re-establish trust with these wounded souls.  It is encouraged for anyone who has decided to add a rescue companion animal to the family, to engage the services of a reputable animal Reiki Master who will bring balance to your new family member which in turn provides stress relief and relaxation. The Reiki energy assists in integrating the adopted animal with your family.

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