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Babalon Working Revealed Part 2

The Eleventh House

Babalon Working Revealed Part 2

Premiers Friday, 21 March

Babalon-Working-Revealed_GaiamTV_OMTimesThe Babalon Working of 1946 cast a shadow of influence that will last well into the 21st century. Look no further than mainstream entertainment to find clear examples of the divine feminine asserting her place within an overly powerful patriarchy. Robert Phoenix guides us through the signs of these changing times by revealing modern characterizations of the lady in red and occult symbolism hidden in popular entertainment.

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About The Eleventh House

In astrology, the eleventh house represents groups, organizations, humanitarian causes, as well as social ills and injustices. Ruled by Aquarius, it inspires the spiritual and idealistic social forces that will ease our transition into the Age of Aquarius. Journey with Robert Phoenix through the Eleventh House to explore the astrology, symbolism, and meta-nature of key events that are shaping our society and collective destiny. New episodes on Fridays. Past episodes on demand daily.

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  • April 5, 2014 at 4:42 pm

    L. Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons undertook to produce ‘Babalon Working’ using
    homosexual sex (not that there is anything wrong with it..) I like to think Ol’ L Ron was on the bottom. All that was ‘produced’ was a case of hemorrhoids. Then L. Ron ran off with Jack’s girl and stole his boat

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