Intuitive Tarot Reading 4 February 2015
Horoscope for Thursday, February 5, 2015

Astrology Forecast for Wednesday and Thursday – Jean Wiley

Astrology Forecast for Wednesday and Thursday – Jean Wiley

Wednesday, February 4th: The Moon continues her transit of personal expression Leo continuing the focus on personal passion, individual development and connecting with the child within. Further opportunity for passionate and transformative awareness engages your ability to imagine/intend/create your reality structures as Pluto sextiles Eros (from 14 degrees Capricorn to Pisces). The female side of self reaches out to the male energy to fuse emotional intuition with your outer world reality structures. Inward energy flows outward. This connecting process is given a landing pad or template that is sustainable – keep building says the Saturn Vesta sextile (from 3 degrees Sagittarius to Aquarius).

On THURSDAY your thinking and discerning (critical too) mind feels supported in these emerging structures as Mercury sextiles Saturn (from 3 degrees Aquarius to Sagittarius) making it easy for you to plan, focus and responsibly handle decisions. Visionary healing, mothering (self & others) is highly valuable to your growth as well. The mothering function, physical health, and nature are valued as Venus sextiles Ceres (10 degrees Pisces to Capricorn) – all the while knowing that more structure building skills is part of your personal journey while Chiron squares Pallas (15 degrees Pisces to Sagittarius). The Moon is transiting Virgo lending helpful emotional energy to your development, self care, desire to be of service, and personal skill building. Connecting with nature, simplicity and the physical senses is strongly supported.


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