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Horoscope for Thursday, November 20, 2014

Astrology Forecast for Wednesday and Thursday – Jean Wiley

Astrology Forecast for Wednesday and Thursday – Jean Wiley

Wednesday, November 19th: The Moon in Libra goes VOID (a good time to handle what is already in motion / hold off on new initiatives and decisions) at 9:26 a.m. EST for the remainder of the day. Enjoy the emotional room to focus as the world out there quiets down. The Sun semi-squares Pluto early in the a.m. suggesting some possible challenges throughout the day. Yet, so often these challenges are the precursor to growth and development as you rise up to meet the need for adjustment and handling your resources wisely. Others may be prone to power plays or manipulations. Rise above the fear ~

On THURSDAY the Moon is traveling depth seeking Scorpio. Venus is in square to Neptune (4 degrees Sagittarius to Pisces) highlighting the need for adjustment and realism. It can be easy to see what you want to or project feelings into people and things that haven’t proved their merit. Be cautious with your heart and money. Yet, this very same energetic can lift you from the mundane into the upper realms of creative and spiritual connection and awareness. Commit to not committing as you explore these subtle vibrational realms. Own your desires and intentions. Mars in structuring Capricorn is also in square to the spiritual North Node in Libra. Adjustment through challenge is the descriptor as you make balance seeking choices, and groundedness in your relationship to goals, ambitions, and life direction.

A note regarding the 4th degree Sagittarian point that Venus (today), the Sun (on the 25th) and then Mercury (on the 30th) conjoin this month. Saturn will be moving in and structuring the values, awareness and mental adjustments that you experience this month, as he transits the 4th degree of Sagittarius from February to April of 2015. Saturn structures and develops the personal planets desire, burgeoning personal awareness and agreements. When you have a good relationship to the Saturn principal you can look forward to the developments that Saturn will bring this winter and spring.

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