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Astrology Forecast: Nov 22- 23

Astrology Forecast: Nov 20- 21

Astrology Forecast: Nov 20- 21

Astrology Forecast is a method of measuring the effect of the astral aspectations on our daily lives.

By Jean Wiley

ON  WEDNESDAY: November 20th: The Moon ingresses home sign Cancer at 6:24 a.m. EST after a LONG VOID period that began yesterday (Tuesday at 11 a.m.) – if not much came to fruition, take heart as Mercury is active today.

Our emotional landscape shifts from the intellectual and chatty to the desire for comfort, good food, family and familiarity. Mercury trines Chiron early in a.m. astrology forecast_omtimes

EST supporting acts, planning and the sharing of wisdom, compassion and support. Mercury then sextiles Pluto in the late evening hours inviting us to explore the depths of our feelings, plans, financial/sexual mindset and commitment to transformative growth.

On THURSDAY we exit the emotional depths of Scorpio and enter the expansive fire sign of Sagittarius as the Sun ingresses the sign of the Archer at 10:49 p.m. EDT.

Spiritual focus, seeking and attaining knowledge/information is our focus over the next 4 weeks. Publishing, travel, education, media, promotions, and anything that affords us the feeling of growth and adventure is enhanced and advised! And, as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius) just a few moments later we finish our day emotionally in touch with the expansive possibilities.

Jean Wiley has been an Intuitive Astrologer and Human Development Coach who helps people get clear on who they are and what they need versus what they feel is expected of them, since the mid-90’s.

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