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Astrology Forecast: Nov 18- 19

The next two days  Astrology forecast is covering the period between November 18 and November 19 of 2013.

Astrology Forecast is a method of measuring the effect of the astral aspectations on our daily lives.

By Jean Wiley

On MONDAY, November 18th: The Moon is traveling through communicative, intellectual and verbal Gemini. Today, Mercury makes his final conjunction (of the year) to the North Node in Scorpio (due to his retrograde this conjunction occurred on November 1st and in October) pay attention to information that unfolds as this does have a bearing on agreements, discussions, contracts and sibling exchanges that will be a growth experience for you.

On TUESDAY,November 19th Chiron turns stationary direct at 9 degrees of Pisces at 6:04 a.m. EST where he has been in retrograde since last Spring.astrology_forecasts_omtimes

Another level of healing, teaching, and holistic experiences will unfold into the months ahead. Chiron also invites us into the art of creative imagery ~ an esoteric function that awakening souls apply in the manifestation and creative process (life is an inside job).

Mars is sextiling Jupiter supporting self-confidence, initiation based on faith and will, travel, education, teaching and goodwill projects. The Moon in Gemini goes VOID at 11:00 a.m. EST until the following morning (Wednesday) at 6:24 when she ingresses (transits into) her home sign of Cancer. Make your decisions or call upon others for theirs by late morning.

Jean Wiley has been an Intuitive Astrologer and Human Development Coach who helps people get clear on who they are and what they need versus what they feel is expected of them, since the mid-90’s. Connect with her here

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