Oracle Reading for Week Beginning 3rd November 2014
Weekly Tarot Oracle Reading for November 3 - November 9

Astrology Forecast for Monday and Tuesday – Jean Wiley

Astrology Forecast for Monday and Tuesday – Jean Wiley

Monday, November 3rd: The Moon continues her transit through the watery realms of Pisces but is VOID until 1:54 p.m. EST when she ingresses initiating, act now-think later Aries. So, wait until after the VOID ends and you will carry double the power to manifest and actualize. Venus and Uranus are in an awkward quincunx configuration in the early part of the day suggesting that closeness and freedom needs are at odds energetically. But, as Venus is also connecting with wise Chiron in a trine aspect, this energy is worked out and integrated as the day unfolds. Intuition grows as well. The Sun sextiles Pluto strengthening your sense of self, personal empowerment, research capacity, renewal, and management ability.

On TUESDAY (Election Day US) Mercury semi-sextiles Saturn at 24 degrees Libra to Saturn. A time to be aware of authority, realities and any decisions and communications made and regarding governing bodies. Over looking details in the spirit of compromise and pleasantry will not ultimately serve you. The Moon continues through action oriented Aries.


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