Daily Oracle Card Reading for July 1, 2014
Weekly Rune Reading for the Week of June 29-July 5

Astrology Forecast – Full Moon in Capricorn July 12th

Astrology Forecast – Full Moon in Capricorn July 12th

The first two weeks of July brings the collective tide into the watery sign of Cancer, where beneath the surface the depths of transformation can be felt in full effect. Beginning this month the Sun makes a number of aspects leading up to the Full Moon that reveal a new found depth to our intimate and personal story. The divine feminine principal is being remembered by us and it can be simultaneously painful and wonderful as we grasp the full implications of how the divine feminine principal became lost, and why we so much need Her to return to us. It is Nature ultimately who is in control, and we are taught life lessons that reveal this truth. If we align ourselves with Nature and do not attempt to manipulate It’s original intention we will find the security we have been longing for in our hearts for so long. Only by returning to our roots in Nature will we rekindle our original innocence, a prerequisite to finding spontaneous joy in the world and ourselves.

Rasa-Lila roughly translates to “the Dance of Divine Love” and it is our philosophy that we as human beings are all part and parcel of the Universal Symphony. That means that our services are offered in the full light and understanding that:

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