Intuitive Tarot Reading 18 February 2015
Horoscope for Thursday, February 19, 2015

Astrology Forecast for Wednesday and Thursday – Jean Wiley

Astrology Forecast for Wednesday and Thursday – Jean Wiley

Wednesday, February 18th: From thought to feeling, detachment to emotion, as the New Moon commences at 6:48 p.m. EST at 29 degrees Aquarius. At this last degree in Aquarius there is a feeling of push and consolidation regarding your future, humanity and tribal needs (friendships). This lunation also carries the energy of “seeing through” shadow, abusive emotional history (victim or perpetrator) and wrong use of human energy as the Sun and Moon conjunct Nessus moments after the New Moon as the Sun makes his annual ingress into Pisces. Your values, relating dynamics and self worth is engaged as Venus squares your energetic home, the Galatic Center (27 degrees Pisces to Sagittarius) pushing for adjustment and a deeper understanding of your divine value on this planet. Commitment to your path in love and honor regardless of past history or injuries sustained as you understand the contrast between light and dark, conflict vs. peace and the letting go of all that does not nourish and sustain.

On THURSDAY Mars enters Aries where he will transit through March 31st. Your feelings have been engaged, softened and made vulnerable while Mars transited Pisces. Now, your emotions and needs are spurred into action as you enter an initiating phase that seeks immediate contact and interaction. Mercury’s slow revival is connecting with committed and practical Saturn (3 degrees Aquarius to Sagittarius) in sextile providing ample opportunity to ground and consciously apply your plans, thoughts, and communications in a manner that serves you and others.

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