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Astrology Forecast for the 2014 Aries New Moon

Astrology Forecast for the Aries New Moon

By Kathy Biehl

2014-Aries-New-Moon_OMTimesAries New Moon

March 30, 2014

11:44 AM PDT / 2:44 PM EDT / 6:44 PM GMT

9 Aries 58

The year’s big action is beginning. The Aries New Moon is kicking off a month — and a spring — full of seismic shifts, eruptions, challenges and potential for self-actualization.

You have been feeling the pressure all year. Cracks and rumblings have been growing more insistent in the areas of life that are on the brink of rearranging. Each new moon of 2014 has sent a power surge through these areas (and you), increasingly destabilized them and propelled you further and further from your personal status quo.

As motivating, irritating and exhilarating as those new moons have been, they were only the warm up act. The Aries New Moon is now detonating the mother of all booster rockets. This one finally frees us from the gravitational pull of life as we’ve known it, and shoots us into a wild new adventure.

The effect is sudden, unmistakable and anything but gentle. It is igniting and speeding up developments, like a fire erupting into a conflagration at the opening of a door. With that level of force in play, there’s no more time for premeditation. Impulses, leaps and reactions will be spontaneous and as abrupt as lightning.

Say goodbye to being stuck or feeling complacent and comfortable. It’s time to Do Something About those fundamental life issues that have been crumbling beneath your feet all year. Fortunately, you’ve been thinking about them. More importantly, your heart has been figuring them out, too. And it’s about to enjoy a wild ride indeed.

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