Astrology Forecast for September 16-22, 2013
The Astrologer Daily: September 23rd, 2013

Astrology Forecast for September 23-29, 2013


by Kathy Biehl

This is a week of YES. This is a week of moving from burdens, delays and overwhelm into a mode of “Let’s see how we can make this happen.” After which hunches, talk and messages abandon niceties and dive below the surface, where the real work — and real bugaboos — lie.

Everyone’s flexing new muscles. It’s coming more easily to be unhesitatingly, unapologetically yourself, to express your real nature (instead of the pose you’ve been maintaining to get by), and to push yourself forward courageously, and maybe with something approaching childlike abandon. (Okay, so some people are still short of that last bit.)

All of that comes to the fore with Mars, planet of action, making a growth aspect to Jupiter, who subtly but exponentially enlarges everything he touches. Watch for daring, even flamboyant action to get past those burdens, delays and overwhelm (That could include lion-like protectiveness toward situations or people who have your heart.) Taking a deep breath and taking one tiny act could snowball into more than you that was possible. Situations could also spiral into absolute drama, too, unfortunately, so approach your local vortex with caution.

Fortunately, the atmosphere is generally warm and cheery, aided by love goddess Venus making her own easy link to expansive Jupiter.  People are inclined toward sociability and helpfulness. Friendships are flowing. Relationships are blooming. Matters you value deeply are growing. Figuring out what to do next is not a solo sport right now; other people are involved.

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