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The Astrologer Daily: October 1st, 2013

Astrology Forecast for October 2013

by Kathy Biehl

astrology_OctoberOctober is a month of major action — setting the stage for the even greater action in November.

The shifts that burst onto the scene late summer are forcing the rest of reality to rearrange.

This wave of deep-level change is targeting relationships, agreements and factors that have served as foundations. The influences around the Libra New Moon on the 4th are ripping up the playing field, bringing game-changing information to light and requiring rewriting the rules of how we interact with each other.

They move into good times and adventure (with slightly rosy hue) as Venus enters high-energy Sagittarius and squares otherworldly Neptune in the month’s second week.Trust your instincts; messenger god Mercury is linking with Saturn’s order and sharpening our ability to perceive what is really going on. More incentive to shake things up comes mid-month. Interactions take on a more demanding, possibly flirtatious  edge when Mars moves into Virgo and starts sparking with his lady love. Meanwhile, she’s lighting fires of passion and explosive change with the unpredictable genius that is Uranus (Oct. 16).

As new connections erupt, old ones — some surprising — are going up in flames. The Aries full moon on the 18th, the first eclipse in the Aries/Libra cycle, accelerates the door-closing on old ways of relating.

While the fires burn, we’re invited to head below the surface of events, words and glances into the undercurrents where real meaning (and danger) lie. Mercury retrogrades in Scorpio (Oct. 21) two days before the Sun enters that sign’s secretive waters (Oct. 23) and links to the divine potential of Neptune (Oct. 25).  We’ll be engaging in the mental equivalent of deep sea diving and spelunking, exploring mysteries and marvels that don’t often, or easily, come to light.  Again, trust your instincts; Mercury’s teaming with Saturn again to sharpen perceptions and lend you X-ray vision, sonar and the ability to see in the dark.

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