Intuitive Tarot Reading 9 March 2015
Your Angel Messages March 9 – 15, 2015 by Doreen Virtue

Astrology Forecast for Monday and Tuesday – Jean Wiley

Astrology Forecast for Monday and Tuesday – Jean Wiley

Monday, March 9th: We head into a dynamic week that carries much potential for breakthroughs and courage while taking chances. Yet, replete within this inherent week of opportunity and advancement may be push back, power struggles and increased manipulation. When living an energetically aware and responsible life your power can be measured both by believing and acting upon your potential, while responding in a grounded and measured manner to any challenges that arise. The Moon in Scorpio speaks to the transformation process at the beginning of the week as you head into the final Uranus Pluto square formation (exact on the 16th).

On TUESDAY the energy of personal will and desire, Mars, aligns with the energy of personal growth, optimism, and increase, Jupiter. Positive developments can occur in publishing, entrepreneurial advancement, teaching, travel, legalities, children affairs, love and romance. The Moon in Scorpio moves into square with Jupiter during the Noon hour EDT pushing for adjustment between your emotional resources and your confidence – too much? too little? The Moon then sextiles Pluto at 3 p.m. supporting self empowerment, finances, and life direction, and completes the day with a trine to the wise and spiritual Chiron at 7:30 p.m. EDT. The Mars Uranus conjunction and Mars Pluto square is in effect as we head into a dramatic time for change, release, battles and powerful personal developments (exact tomorrow).


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