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Astrology Forecast for February 2014

Astrology Forecast for February

by Kathy Biehl

monthly-astrology-forecast_Astrology Forecast for FebruaryThe Astrology Forecast for February brings a less raucous atmosphere than what we’ve been experiencing lately. True, the pace is still hopping. Progress is still being made. Volatility is still a fact of life. The twists and turns, though, have a liberating, energizing and familiar streak that makes their disruptions easier to take, and sometimes welcome.

Communication, technology and transportation play a central role. The planet that rules them, Mercury, is retrograde all month, a condition that will draw attention to them again and again. We’ll be picking up dangling or dropped threads, stumbling onto previously overlooked data and encountering confusion and snarls galore. (Read more in my article How to Handle a Mercury Retrograde.)

As annoying as this will occasionally be, it’s a protracted research mission. It offers the opportunity to gather more information as we rebuild our metaphoric foundations, set up our projects for the year and respond to the inevitability of change.

The middle of the month promises high-energy connections and interactions. Valentine’s Day could approach that holiday’s hype for a change. The Leo Full Moon on that day encourages getting together, fun, enthusiasm and passion.  A milestone follows in knowing and expressing yourself — which keeps the urge to connect going for days.

A gentler, more heart-driven experience of life abounds by the last week of the month. Treating yourself with love and a forgiving attitude spreads out into all your connections. (For some, this means romance. Even during a retrograde. Life goes on.)  That approach outfits you for taking huge risks and leaps of faith. By the time Mercury goes direct on the last day of the month, we’re all going for broke.

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