New Moon in Pisces: A Season of Miracles
The Astrologer Daily: March 3rd, 2014

Astrology Forecast for 2014 Pisces New Moon

Astrology Forecast for 2014 Pisces New Moon

by Kathy Biehl

Feb. 28 – March 1, 2014

Pisces-New-Moon_OMTimesLast month’s Aquarius New Moon fired up our internal rockets and pointed them toward a bold, new direction. Now the Pisces New Moon invites making peace with them — and charting a sky’s-the-limit course.

The atmosphere surrounding this Pisces New Moon resembles a therapeutic bath. It’s gentle, soothing and curative, but also inspiring, invigorating and validating. All those qualities have an otherworldly feel, too, because Neptune is close by, the ruler of Pisces and bringer of dreams, magic and transcendence. He’s the last planet the Sun and the Moon touch before they come together, and they are still resonating with his diffuse, softening energies when they meet.

In this mix, dreams are huge, indulgently huge, cartoonishly huge. And that’s absolutely how they should be right now. Jupiter, the planet that escalates any action he gets near, is making a tight beneficial angle to the Pisces New Moon. He’s filling that bath with optimism, high spirits and the sense that anything’s possible. He’s pumping up the desire to connect, love, nurture and be nurtured. And maybe encouraging justifying taking comfort in food. Or giving yourself rewards.

The appropriateness of rewards is well worth considering while you’re soaking in the bath, real or metaphoric. Uranus, the ruler of last month’s New Moon, is making a tight growth aspect to the Pisces New Moon. How have you evolved in the last month? How are you living in a freer, more true-to-your-self fashion? Look for evidence of how you are permitting yourself to be yourself, more organically, with less inner arguing, and more self-acceptance.

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