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Astrology Forecast for 2014 Cancer Full Moon

2014 Cancer Full Moon

by Kathy Biehl

January 15-16, 2014 8:52 PM PDT / 11:52 PM EDT  4:52 AM GMT 25 Cancer 58 / 25 Capricorn 58

cancer-full-moon_OMTimesGet out your hanky, your fuzzy robe and slippers, and a big helping or three of your favorite comfort food, because the Cancer Full Moon is here.  A security blanket could come in handy this week, as the Cancer Full Moon brings emotional release that’s been building since Christmas.

It is the cosmic clean-up act to foundation overhaul that’s been screaming for attention since the end of last year.  Mars, the planet of push, has been roughing up the agents of unpredictable and unavoidable change, Uranus and Pluto, and then escalating the action with bigger-is-better Jupiter. Think of the life-redefining developments that have happened in, to and around you since the end of last year. (Could it only have been three weeks ago?)  Even if you’ve come through without tears or trauma, you haven’t escaped unaffected.

Now come the aftershocks, backwash and delayed reactions; now comes a flood of emotional information.  Inner children who have been brave little soldiers are allowing their lower lip to do more than tremble. Let them. (Refer back to the first paragraph.) There’s no point in arguing with anything that bubbles up, whether that’s out of you or someone else.

Besides, the bubbling up is productive. It’s letting you know how you and the people around you feel. It’s venting pressure, fears, disappointment, sorrow, relief, joy, and other emotions that you can’t put a name to but have been churning all the same.  Allow it all to come out without judgment or ridicule, especially your own. It doesn’t have to make sense, but if you heed it, some of it will.  It’s telling you where you feel safe, nurtured or protected, and where you do not, where it feels good to rest your head, place your feet or build your future, and where it does not.

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