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Astrology Forecast for 2014 Aquarius New Moon

2014 Aquarius New Moon

by Kathy Biehl

aquarius-new-moon_OMTimesJanuary 30, 2014 1:39 PM PST / 4:39 PM EST / 9:39 PM GMT 10 Aquarius 55

This year’s Aquarius New Moon has the subtlety of a corral gate opening and horses running into an unconfined field.

You’re not likely to hesitate when a barrier moves out of the way, or a key dangles before you, or  incentive erupts to leap out of the safety of the known and into a personal adventure.

The weather may still be under the heavy hand of winter, but the doldrums are in for a good shaking off. This Aquarius New Moon is full of surprises, breakthroughs, brilliant ideas and blasts of excitement. They come out of the blue and turn your experience of reality on a dime (in hair-pin turns, at that).

The volatility has staying power, too. The urgings you follow now will percolate for the next 12 months, and heat up again (and how!) in the fall.  This Aquarius New Moon is Chinese New Year, marking the start of the year of the horse. (See first paragraph above.)  While the last two Chinese years immersed us in deep, dark, often unpleasant waters, this one sets a different tone from the start. The traits of horse are a guiding metaphor for the energy of the year, portending powerful, at times unbridled, movement.

The rearing and raring qualities will flare up again in October, when a round robin of energy known as a grand trine roars through the fire signs. This week’s Aquarius New Moon, like that energy in the fall,  stoke your desire and ability to put your own individual stamp on the ongoing change and restructuring that has been running rampant in your inner and outer worlds.

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