Planet Update: Mercury in Sagittarius
Daily Horoscope: December 6, 2013, by Kelli Fox

Astrology Forecast :Two next days

Astrology Forecast :Two next days

By Jean Wiley

Friday, December 6th: The Moon is transiting through detached, innovative, fixated and humanity minded Aquarius.

Mercury moves into square to Neptune in the afternoon “inviting” you to be wary of assumptions, missed calls, email, “left turns” while driving, fudging facts/figures through confusion and lack of clarity.Astrology Two days Forecast _omtimes

There will be plenty of “misinformation” in the news etc. This combination can be nice for daydreams, pondering the meaning of your belly button and general floating activities that no one needs to depend on.

On SATURDAY the super long transit of Mars through Libra begins! We venture upon an 8 month journey (through July 25th) that will sharpen our relating skills (some through trial and error…I want things my way! Ok, see ya!) as we feel the need to build new ones. I expect marriage equality and policy making will be back in the news.

This will pick up speed as the North Node exits Scorpio and enters Libra in March for an 18 month sojourn.Fairness, equality, the legal system, beauty and aesthetics will be areas of focus and expression.

The Moon goes VOID in Aquarius at 7:12 a.m. EST for the remainder of the day – nothing of consequence so enjoy your day ~

Jean Wiley is an Intuitive Astrologer and Human Development Coach who helps people get clear on who they are and what they need versus what they feel is expected of them. The goal? Feeling free to embrace passion.

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