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Ask Whitedove – March 2012

A personal advice column by America’s #1 Psychic

Ask-Michelle-Whitedove_OM-TimesDear Whitedove

My one year old daughter is constantly staring around the room pointing and laughing, but never at us.  Is she seeing something we don’t?

~Funny Kids in Seattle

Dear Funny,

Your daughter clearly sees her Angels and Spirit Guides.  Infants are able to see through the veil that separates our world from the Spirit World.  They are pure and innocent and have a strong connection to the Heavens.  Imagine if you could physically see and speak with your guides and angels. It would make your spiritual journey so much easier and this would assist you in making much better choices.

Parents underestimate their children and often tell them that these sightings are their imagination, and in extreme cases, some will seek out mental health solutions because they’re afraid that the child is hallucinating and hearing voices.  Then drugs are introduced.  It’s very sad that out of ignorance, we can destroy this beautiful and natural connection that children have to the Heavens.  The best gift that you could give your daughter is to encourage her to communicate with her Guides and Angels so that she remains connected throughout her life.

Dear Whitedove,

 In my studies I have read that the New Age will change everything.  What in the Universe is going on?

~New Ager in Naples

Dear New Ager,

On December 21, 2012 the winter solstice, the Earth moves into direct alignment with the Galactic equator of our Universe: the Milky Way.  This occurs roughly every 26,000 years. The Mayans end their long count calendar on the solstice day and they called it the crossroad.  And it is! We are traveling across the Galactic equator we are entering a new age.

Now with that being said, some humans will be evolving, our DNA is being upgraded.  With this new age of Enlightenment comes the clearing away of many of the old ways that are corrupt. I wrote about these times in the year 2000, in my book “She Talks with Angels.” I foretold of the increase of natural disasters, the financial empires of the world crashing, that man-made systems that are no longer working with us will be wiped away: the education system, the healthcare system, and corrupt governments. Recently in the news, there are civil wars in many countries; people want new rules and governments that are based on integrity and what is truly in the best interest of the people. You see, we ARE raising our vibration… the world wants Unity! So during these times of change you can expect great upheaval. It’s time to get back to the basics, prepare to take care of your loved ones with their vital needs: water, a well stocked pantry, maybe a grill, and a generator too. During times of great change you need to simplify your life.  I say: Pray for the best but be prepared with important essentials because it usually gets worse before it gets better. Just know that the age of enlightenment is here, the door is open and change is occurring for the betterment of the Universe.

Dear Whitedove,

So many celebrities are into the trendy religions, the newest being Kabbalah. Is this a part of the Jewish religion or something entirely new?

~ Inquisitive in Idaho

Dear Inquisitive,

It’s interesting that this ancient study is now considered trendy.  Kabbalah is the study of the mystical interpretations of the Hebrew holy books that are conveying sacred knowledge. In times of old, Kabbalah teachings would not be revealed until the male student was at least forty years old and considered spiritually developed by the Rabbi due to the complexity of the concepts.   It is the examination of the Divine and the spiritual secrets of the Universe.  It explores hidden knowledge most notable; how to know God including the female aspect, the concept of reincarnation, the spiritual characteristics of the Universe, humans ability to co-create through God’s gift of Free-will, and the power that resides in words, letters, and symbols known to be true magic.  The depths of these sacred teachings are limitless as is the knowledge of God.


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