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Ascension Symptom: Food Intolerances

Ascension Symptom: Food Intolerances

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  • P.E.A.C.E.
    May 4, 2014 at 10:05 am

    The video doesnt work but so many of these “ascension symptoms” are long lasting so they are symptoms of imbalance rather than temporary. By seeing them instead as imbalances reflecting how we have become unnatural collectively and individually we can bring ourselves back into balance through what we do not tolerate anymore. Allergies often happen when there is burn out. The system becomes exhausted and the amygdalae becomes too used to firing off (fight or flight) seeing everything as dangerous because we are overstimulated, overstressed, over-striving, over-whelmed etc. As we over-do, organs and glands become hypo or hyper in functioning (thyroid, adrenals, pancreas etc). Overuse of quick fixes and drugs (antibiotics, birthcontrol etc) can lead to candida “over-growth” symptoms. We are confronted by geopathic stress, pollution, stressors, media and tons of other things.

    So, the message in ascension symptoms where people feel stressed, panic attacks, overwhelm, not able to slow down, ADD, sleep issues etc is to find a way to simplify and return to natural again, collectively and personally. Our lifestyles are unnatural (focused on external striving and financial survival), our food, the energy (geopathic stress), everything being “sped up”, fasters stronger better mentality. If you have longlasting food sensitivities or issues, adapting more yin rather than yang lifestyle can help, as is balancing the chakras (often upper chakras are overactivates as we become to mental orientated (which true ascension isn;t overly mental, it releases the mental obsession, striving, materialism and ego).

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