The Astrologer Daily: October 18th, 2012
The Seven Streams of Energy

Ascension Cards: Accelerate Your Journey Into the Light

By Diana Cooperascension-cards

The next twenty years offers the greatest opportunity for spiritual growth that there has ever been in the history of the planet. Energies are coming into Earth that you can now access to enable you to raise your frequency to the fifth dimension and maintain it. When you live fully in the higher ranges of the fifth dimension you become an Ascended Master with your twelve fifth dimensional chakras blazing.

During the golden age of Atlantis everyone had twelve fifth dimensional chakras fully operational and with them twelve strands of active DNA, enabling them to access and use wondrous psychic and spiritual gifts while living in total harmony and happiness. This will soon be possible again.

I believe that one of the most important practices for maintaining a higher frequency is consciously to cleanse and activate your twelve chakras, so I love the simple reminder in the card The 12 Chakras to call in the unicorns to touch, open and activate each one of the chakras and then ask the angels to sing over them to keep them in the fifth dimension.

There are so many magnificent Ascended Masters in the inner planes that are helping you on your journey. When I sat down to write this article I was thinking about one of my current challenges – a photographer, who let me down badly, caused me a tremendous amount of extra work and a lot of money. For days I had been cancelling all negative thoughts towards him in the Violet Flame and blessing him each time he came to mind but I still felt very angry with him. I decided to choose an Ascension Card for guidance and picked Jesus. It said, ‘This card reminds you that all challenging people and situations are tests. You will pass them if you respond to them with unconditional love and balance. Forgive easily and be compassionate. Remember that we are all equal in the eyes of God and there is only love.’ I smiled ruefully to myself at the absolute perfection of this response from the universe and decided to use the affirmation on the card for the rest of the day – I respond with unconditional love today. It helped me to let go of the situation.

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