Aries Monthly Horoscope

Monthly Horoscope for Aries

If your birthday is between March 20 – April 19, you are an Aries

Rebellious Uranus goes retrograde in your sign on the 2nd, easing your desire to shake up the system. August invites you to rest, relax and make peace with the status quo. Generous Jupiter makes a square to controlling Pluto on the 4th; beware of sacrificing your personal life to professional demands at this time. If your employer asks you to put in long hours and work weekends, put down your foot. By establishing a healthy boundary, you'll earn the respect of your boss. In the event you are given an ultimatum, choose freedom over an oppressive work situation. A Lunar Eclipse on the 7th brings the successful end to a group project. Don't be surprised if you're named most valuable player. Your teammates have appreciated your pioneer spirit and positive attitude. On the 12th, mental Mercury goes retrograde in your Work Sector. It may be necessary to continually revise a project this August before it meets with approval. Be patient and pace yourself carefully. There's no point in pouring all your energy into this endeavor at this fluid stage. Instead, make incremental changes, show them to your superiors and be willing to make revisions. Eventually, you'll hit upon the perfect formula, probably by early September. A Solar Eclipse on the 21st marks an exciting beginning in your love life. Falling head over heels for a charming newcomer is a distinct possibility. Alternately, you could get engaged or married at the spur of the moment. If you already have a partner, go on an impromptu vacation together. Serious Saturn moves forward on the 25th, causing a stalled program of study to move forward. On the same day, alluring Venus enters your Romance Sector, turning you into a love magnet. Mercury ramps up your flirting talent on the 31st, ending August on a fun note.

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